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This page documents the various effects in the vanilla game. Modders can apply these effects to their custom content.

This table doesn't fully explain how to use these effects. Please view their items/characters/weapons for usage.

Item Effects

Despite the heading, these effects can actually be used by characters and weapons too. They're just stored in res://effects/items/*.gd.

Effect File (*.gd) key text_key Items Characters Misc
effect Effect key, eg: stat_max_hp / bounce not specified many - -
alien_eyes_effect alien_eyes effect_alien_eyes Alien Eyes.png Alien Eyes - -
anvil_effect upgrade_random_weapon effect_upgrade_random_weapon Anvil.png Anvil -
burn_chance_effect burn_chance effect_burn_chance Scared Sausage.png Scared Sausage - -
class_bonus_effect effect_weapon_class_bonus not specified - Brawler, Crazy, Doctor,

Ghost, Wildling

convert_stat_effect materials effect_convert_stat_end_of_wave - Demon -
dmg_when_death_effect dmg_when_death_from_luck effect_deal_dmg_when_death Cyberball.png Cyberball - -
dmg_when_pickup_gold_effect dmg_when_pickup_gold_from_luck effect_deal_dmg_when_pickup_gold Baby Elephant.png Baby Elephant Lucky -
gain_stat_for_every_stat_effect Effect key, eg: stat_max_hp / bounce many - Artificer, Chunky, Generalist,

Hunter, Knight, Saver, Speedy

gain_stat_for_every_stat_effect stat_attack_speed effect_gain_stat_for_every_enemy Community Support.png Community Support - -
gain_stat_for_every_stat_effect stat_hp_regeneration effect_gain_stat_for_every_perm_stat Esty's Couch.png Esty's Couch - -
gain_stat_for_every_stat_effect stat_max_hp effect_gain_stat_for_every_stat Padding.png Padding - -
gain_stat_for_every_stat_effect stat_percent_damage effect_gain_stat_for_every_perm_stat Power Generator.png Power Generator - -
gain_stat_for_every_stat_effect stat_attack_speed effect_gain_stat_for_every_stat Retromation's Hoodie.png Retromation's Hoodie - -
gain_stat_for_every_stat_effect stat_engineering effect_gain_stat_for_every_stat Strange Book.png Strange Book - -
healing_effect effect_heal not specified - - Fruit, LegendaryBox
hp_cap_effect hp_cap effect_hp_cap_at_current_value Handcuffs.png Handcuffs - -
item_exploding_effect explode_on_hit effect_explode_on_hit - Bull -
item_exploding_effect explode_on_death effect_explode_on_death Landmines.png Landmines - -
Rip and Tear.png Rip and Tear
pacifist_effect pacifist effect_pacifist - Pacifist -
projectile_effect projectiles_on_death effect_projectiles_on_death Baby with a Beard.png Baby with a Beard - -
remove_speed_effect remove_speed effect_remove_speed Ugly Tooth.png Ugly Tooth - -
replace_effect double_hp_regen_below_half_health effect_double_hp_regen_below_half_health Regeneration Potion.png Regeneration Potion - -
replace_effect minimum_weapons_in_shop effect_minimum_weapon_in_shop - Arms Dealer -
replace_effect weapon_slot effect_no_weapons - Bull -
replace_effect hp_shop effect_hp_shop - Demon -
replace_effect trees_start_wave not specified - Explorer -
replace_effect max_melee_weapons effect_generalist - Generalist -
replace_effect max_ranged_weapons [EMPTY] - Generalist -
replace_effect dodge_cap effect_dodge_cap - Ghost -
replace_effect weapon_slot effect_max_weapons - Multitasker -
replace_effect can_attack_while_moving effect_cant_attack_while_moving - Soldier -
replace_effect double_boss effect_double_boss - - Danger5
starting_item_effect starting_item effect_starting_item - Brawler, Crazy, Engineer,

Mage, Pacifist, Ranger,

Saver, Wildling

stat_effect stat_armor effect_stat_while_not_moving Barricade.png Barricade - -
stat_effect stat_dodge effect_stat_while_not_moving Chameleon.png Chameleon - -
stat_effect gold_on_crit_kill effect_gold_on_crit_kill Hunting Trophy.png Hunting Trophy - -
stat_effect stat_attack_speed effect_stat_while_not_moving Statue.png Statue - -
stat_effect stat_percent_damage effect_on_hit Triangle of Power.png Triangle of Power - -
stat_effect stat_percent_damage effect_gain_stat_end_of_wave Vigilante Ring.png Vigilante Ring - -
stat_effect stat_percent_damage effect_stack_stat Wisdom.png Wisdom - -
stat_effect stat_max_hp effect_gain_stat_end_of_wave Grind's Magical Leaf.png Grind's Magical Leaf - -
stat_effect stat_hp_regeneration effect_gain_stat_end_of_wave - -
stat_effect stat_lifesteal effect_gain_stat_end_of_wave - -
stat_gains_modification_effect effect_increase_stat_gains not specified - Many -
stat_gains_modification_effect effect_reduce_stat_gains not specified - Many -
structure_effect not specified effect_landmines Landmines.png Landmines - Screwdriver
tier_effect min_weapon_tier effect_min_weapon_tier - Knight -
tier_effect max_weapon_tier effect_max_weapon_tier - Wildling -
turret_effect not specified effect_turret Turret.png Turret - Wrench
turret_effect not specified effect_turret_healing Medical Turret.png Medical Turret - -
turret_effect not specified effect_turret_laser Laser Turret.png Laser Turret - -
turret_effect not specified effect_turret_rocket Explosive Turret.png Explosive Turret - -
turret_effect not specified effect_tyler Tyler.png Tyler - -
turret_effect wandering_bot effect_wandering_bot Wandering Bot.png Wandering Bot - -
turret_flame_effect not specified effect_turret_flame Incendiary Turret.png Incendiary Turret - Wrench (Tier2)
unique_weapon_effect stat_attack_speed effect_unique_weapon_bonus Focus.png Focus - -
unique_weapon_effect stat_attack_speed effect_unique_weapon_bonus Spider.png Spider - -
weapon_bonus_effect ??? ??? unused - -
weapon_gain_effect ??? ??? unused -

Weapon Effects

Like Item Effects above, some of these can be used by items/characters.

Effect File (*.gd) key Used By
burning_effect effect_burning Flame Turret, Flaming Knuckles, Torch, Flamethrower, Wand
exploding_effect effect_explode_melee Plank, Plasma Sledgehammer, Power Fist, Nuclear Launcher, Shredder
gain_stat_every_killed_enemies_effect effect_gain_stat_every_killed_enemies Ghost Axe, Ghost Flint, Ghost Scepter
projectiles_on_hit_effect effect_projectiles_on_hit Cactus Mace, Sniper Gun
projectiles_on_hit_effect effect_lightning_on_hit Lightning Shiv
projectiles_on_hit_effect effect_slow_projectiles_on_hit Thunder Sword
slow_in_zone_effect effect_slow_in_zone Taser
weapon_stack_effect effect_weapon_stack Stick

Danger Effects

Effect File (*.gd) Key Danger Notes
effects/weapons/ effect_no_modifiers Danger 0 -
effects/weapons/ effect_new_enemies Danger 1+ There's no code directly related to this key
effects/weapons/ effect_elites Danger 2+ There's no code directly related to this key
items/global/ enemy_strength Danger 3 Text key is EFFECT_STRONGER_ENEMIES, value is: 12
items/global/ enemy_strength Danger 4 Text key is EFFECT_STRONGER_ENEMIES, value is: 26
effects/weapons/ effect_more_elites Danger 4+ There's no code directly related to this key
items/global/ enemy_strength Danger 5 Text key is EFFECT_STRONGER_ENEMIES, value is: 40
effects/items/ double_boss Danger 5 Text key is effect_double_boss

List of Effect Keys

This section lists most of the effect keys, taken from the effect init arrays in (init_tracked_effects & init_effects).

Many of these can be applied with (res://items/global/

See Stats > Secondary Stats for a list of the items these effects can apply to.

Primary Stats

Effect Key Notes
stat_max_hp Max HP.png Max HP
stat_hp_regeneration HP Regeneration.png HP Regeneration
stat_lifesteal Life Steal.png Life Steal
stat_percent_damage Damage.png Damage
stat_melee_damage Melee Damage.png Melee Damage
stat_ranged_damage Ranged Damage.png Ranged Damage
stat_elemental_damage Elemental Damage.png Elemental Damage
stat_attack_speed Attack Speed.png Attack Speed
stat_crit_chance Crit Chance.png Crit Chance
stat_engineering Engineering Stat.png Engineering
stat_range Range Stat.png Range
stat_armor Armor.png Armor
stat_dodge Dodge Stat.png Dodge
stat_speed Speed Stat.png Speed
stat_luck Luck.png Luck
stat_harvesting Harvesting.png Harvesting


Some of these are repeated from above, others are only set with effect_key. Search the decompiled project for effect_key to find the latter.

List of effects via: res://singletons/ > func init_effects

Also try searching: RunData.effects["effect_key"] (replace effect_key with a key).

See also: List of %/flat stat text modifiers: res://singletons/

key text_key Description Used In (effect file, *.tres)
additional_weapon_effects effect_additional_weapon_bonus Changes a stat (key) based on how many weapons you have multitasker_effect_2 [effect_key]
alien_eyes effect_alien_eyes Only used by Alien Eyes alien_eyes_effect_1
bounce effect_bouncing Adds bouncing to all projectiles ricochet_effect_1
bounce_damage none Increase bounce damage by x. Can't exceed the base damage. arms_dealer_effect_1b, engineer_effect_4, farmer_effect_4, one_arm_effect_2
burn_chance effect_burn_chance Chance to inflict burn. Needs a corresponding burning_data stats file scared_sausage_effect_1
burning_cooldown_reduction effect_burning_cooldown_reduction Makes burning tick faster eye_surgery_effect_1
burning_spread effect_burning_spread Makes burning spread to +x more enemies snake_effect_1
can_attack_while_moving effect_cant_attack_while_moving Set to 0 to prevent attacks while moving soldier_effect_5
cant_stop_moving --- Set to 1 to stop the player from being able to stop moving.

Used in Invasion's "Pants Ant" item

Unused, but appears to have some code that supports it.
chance_double_gold effect_chance_double_gold % chance to double materials when they're collected metal_detector_effect_1
class_bonus_effect effect_weapon_class_bonus Grants a bonus to a specific stat (stat_name) when using a specific weapon class (weapon_class) brawler_effect_1, crazy_effect_1, doctor_effect_1,

ghost_effect_1, wildling_effect_1

consumable_heal effect_consumable_heal Increase HP gained from consumables alien_worm_effect_2, lemonade_effect_1, weird_food_effect_1,

chunky_effect_3, chopper_effect, chopper_4_effect

convert_stats_end_of_wave effect_convert_stat_end_of_wave Converts a stat (key) to another stat (to_stat) when a wave ends demon_effect_1
destroy_weapons Removes all held weapons when you enter a shop arms_dealer_effect_3
diff_gold_drops --- Appears to increase/decrease the chance for enemies to drop materials by % Unused, but appears to have some code that supports it.
dmg_when_death_from_luck effect_deal_dmg_when_death % chance to deal a % of luck as damage, when an enemy dies.

Accepts a stat option, but only scales with Luck, ignoring the stat you specify

dmg_when_pickup_gold_from_luck effect_deal_dmg_when_pickup_gold % chance to deal a % of luck as damage, when you collect a material.

As above, accepts a stat but only scales with Luck

baby_elephant_effect_1, lucky_effect_3
dodge_cap effect_dodge_cap Increases/decreases the dodge cap by a %.

Warning: This increases the cap, it doesn't overwrite it. So you'll probably need to add a condition to check for Ghost (or just check the current cap). Default is 60% (or 90% with Ghost).

double_boss effect_double_boss Makes 2 bosses spawn instead of 1 difficulty_5_effect_4
double_hp_regen effect_double_hp_regen Makes HP Regeneration trigger twice as often doctor_effect_3
double_hp_regen_below_half_health effect_double_hp_regen_below_half_health Makes HP Regeneration trigger twice as often, when you're below 50% HP potion_effect_1
enemy_gold_drops effect_enemy_gold_drops Change the amount of materials dropped by enemies.

This is an int (eg -50), not a float (eg -0.5).

See also: gold_drops, neutral_gold_drops

enemy_speed --- Change enemy movement speed +: alien_baby_effect_2, explorer_effect_9
-: snail_effect_1, old_effect_1
enemy_strength effect_stronger_enemies Affects both enemy HP, and the damage they deal difficulty_3_effect_2, difficulty_4_effect_2, difficulty_5_effect_2
explode_on_death effect_explode_on_death % chance for enemies to explode on death.

Needs a corresponding weapon_stats file

explode_on_hit effect_explode_on_hit Explode when you take damage.

Always procs. You can set the chance%, but this is ignored

explosion_damage none Increases explosion damage dynamite_effect_1, explosive_shells_effect_1, etc
explosion_size none Increases explosion size plastic_explosive_effect_1, artificer_effect_1b
free_rerolls effect_free_shop_reroll Adds free rerolls. Can't be negative dangerous_bunny_effect_0
gain_* Change stat modifications by x%, eg. "Increase range modifications by 50%".

Added via stat_gains_modification_effect, and applied via get_stat_gain.

See RunData.effects["gain_" + stat]
gain_pct_gold_start_wave effect_gain_pct_gold_start_wave Gain/lose +x% of your materials when a wave starts. piggy_bank_effect_1
gold_drops effect_enemy_gold_drops Changes % of dropped materials. Int, not a float.

See also: enemy_gold_drops; neutral_gold_drops

explorer_effect_8, farmer_effect_3, streamer_effect_2b
gold_on_crit_kill effect_gold_on_crit_kill Gain materials when you score a crit hunting_trophy_effect_1, dagger_effect
group_structures effect_group_structures Makes structures (mines/turrets) spawn closely grouped together engineer_effect_3
harvesting_growth effect_harvesting_growth Increase/decrease the % Harvesting growth.

Without items it's 5% at the end of each wave. Farmer has +5, Crown has +8.

crown_effect_1, farmer_effect_2
heal_when_pickup_gold effect_heal_when_pickup_gold % chance to heal 1HP when you pick up materials.

Can't change the healed amount, only the chance

hp_cap effect_hp_cap_at_current_value Changes the Max HP cap. Default is 999999.

Use set_cap_to_current_max_hp=true to cap at current.

hp_shop effect_hp_shop Changes shop items to cost Max HP, instead of materials demon_effect_2
hp_start_next_wave effect_hp_start_next_wave Start the next wave with % less HP. Int, not float. weird_ghost_effect_2
hp_start_wave effect_start_wave_less_hp Start ALL waves with % less HP. Int, not float. sad_tomato_effect_2
inflation --- Increases the cost of items (even more), based on the current wave.

Inflation was removed. It was part of the original demo.

instant_gold_attracting effect_instant_gold_attracting % chance to attract dropped materials baby_gecko_effect_1, sifds_relic_effect_1
item_box_gold effect_item_box_gold +x materials when you pick up a Crate bag_effect_1
items_price none Change shop item costs by x% coupon_effect_1, entrepreneur_effect_0, mutant_effect_2, saver_effect_4
knockback effect_knockback Add/reduce knockback for all weapons by x boxing_glove_effect_1
lose_hp_per_second effect_lose_hp_per_second HP is reduced by -x every second blood_donation_effect_2, sick_effect_3
map_size none Increase/decrease the map size by x% explorer_effect_6, old_effect_3
max_melee_weapons effect_generalist Set the max number of held melee weapons to x generalist_effect_3
max_ranged_weapons [EMPTY] Set the max number of held ranged weapons to x generalist_effect_4
max_weapon_tier effect_max_weapon_tier Set the max tier for weapons to 1/2/3/4.

Zero-based, so 0 = tier 1, 1 = tier 2, etc.

min_weapon_tier effect_min_weapon_tier Set the min tier for weapons to 1/2/3/4. Zero based (see above) knight_effect_4
neutral_gold_drops none Increases materials from EntityType.NEUTRAL by +x% (ie. trees)

See also: gold_drops; enemy_gold_drops

Unused, but supported in the code
no_melee_weapons effect_no_melee_weapons Stops melee weapons appearing in the shop.

Doesn't remove weapons that are already held.

no_min_range none If 1, the min_range of a weapon is used.

Useless in vanilla because all weapons have a min_range of 0.

Unused, but supported in the code
no_ranged_weapons effect_no_ranged_weapons Stops ranged weapons appearing in the shop.

Doesn't remove weapons that are already held.

gladiator_effect_3, knight_effect_3
number_of_enemies none Increase/decrease the number of enemies that spawn, when a group of them spawns candle_effect_3, gentle_alien_effect_2, mouse_effect_2, white_flag_effect_2,

explorer_effect_7, loud_effect_2, old_effect_4

one_shot_trees effect_one_shot_trees Makes trees get destroyed in 1 hit lumberjack_shirt_effect_1
pacifist effect_pacifist Gain x% materials and XP per living enemy when a wave ends. No effect if 0 or below. pacifist_effect_2
pickup_range effect_pickup_range Change pickup range by x% alien_tongue_effect_1, gnome_effect_4, little_frog_effect_1,

explorer_effect_4, soldier_effect_3

piercing effect_piercing Adds +1 piercing to all projectiles bandana_effect_1
piercing_damage effect_piercing_damage Bounce damage. Can't exceed the base damage. pumpkin_effect_1,

arms_dealer_effect_1b, engineer_effect_4, farmer_effect_4, one_arm_effect_2

projectiles_on_death effect_projectiles_on_death Spawns projectiles when an enemy dies.

Requires an associated projectile stats data (.tres) file.

The .tres can be custom, or you can use the default base_ranged_weapon_stats.tres

recycling_gains effect_recycling_gains Increase gains from recycling.

Recycling Machine = +35%, Entrepreneur = +25%

(total: +60%, so realistically you'd need to use set this to <40 to avoid an infinite money exploit with Entrepreneur and Recycling Machine)

recycling_machine_effect_1, entrepreneur_effect_2
remove_speed effect_remove_speed Hitting an enemy reduces their speed by x%.

The max removed amount can be changed (eg Ugly Tooth is max of -30%)

starting_item effect_starting_item Sets a starting item for a character Many characters, too many to list
stat_links n/a Seems to be used by, to associate one stat with another (eg. gain X per y).

Linked stats can be: General stats (stat_max_hp etc), "materials", "structure" (number of structures) and "living_enemy".

stats_end_of_wave effect_gain_stat_end_of_wave Gain stats when the wave ends grinds_magical_leaf_effect_* (all 3), vigilante_ring_effect_1
structures n/a Array of structures. Should not be modified outside of via: structure_effect

via: gain_stat_for_every_stat_effect

temp_stats_on_hit effect_on_hit Gain temporary stats when you take damage, until the end of the wave.

Only works with the core stats ("stat_*"), plus explosion_size and explosion_damage. See for the full list.

triangle_of_power_effect_3, masochist_effect_1
temp_stats_stacking effect_stack_stat Gain temporary stats every 5 seconds, until the end of the wave.

Can't change the timer, fixed to 5sec.

Ticks 4 times in a 20sec wave (1), 12 times in a 60sec wave (9), 18 times in a 90sec wave (10+).

temp_stats_while_not_moving effect_stat_while_not_moving Gain temporary stats when you stand still, until you move again.

Lasts until the wave ends.

barricade_effect_1, chameleon_effect_1, statue_effect_1,

soldier_effect_1, soldier_effect_2, speedy_effect_3, streamer_effect_1

torture effect_torture Stops you healing in any way. Gain +x HP per second instead torture_effect_2
trees effect_trees Increases the number of tress that can spawn at once. tree_effect_1, explorer_effect_1
trees_start_wave [EMPTY] Either makes trees spawn more often, or makes trees spawn in immediately after starting a wave (see _physics_process in explorer_effect_11
unique_weapon_effects effect_unique_weapon_bonus Gain stats based on the number of unique weapons focus_effect_2, spider_effect_2
weapon_bonus effect_additional_weapon_bonus Gain stats based on the number of weapons you currently hold focus_effect_2, spider_effect_2,

gladiator_effect_1, multitasker_effect_2

weapon_class_bonus n/a Gain bonus stats based on the number of held weapons in the specified class brawler_effect_1, crazy_effect_1, doctor_effect_1,

ghost_effect_1, wildling_effect_1 see: effect_weapon_class_bonus

weapon_slot effect_no_weapons


Set the number of weapon slots to x bull, multitasker, one arm
xp_gain none Increase/decrease XP gain by x% bean_teacher_effect_1, black_belt_effect_1, diploma_effect_2, scar_effect_1


Note: These effects are listed in run_data, but don't do anything: gambler, leave_burning, wandering_bots.

Added in v0.6.1.6

  • double_hp_regen_below_half_health
  • hit_protection
  • minimum_weapons_in_shop
  • percent_materials (only works with temp_stats_while_not_moving)
  • temp_stats_while_moving
  • upgrade_random_weapon
  • weapons_price

Added in v0.8.0.3

View more details in: Patch Changes

Key Text Description Item(s) Characters
consumable_stats_while_max EFFECT_CONSUMABLE_STAT_WHILE_MAX


Gain stats if you collect consumables at max HP Extra Stomach.png Extra Stomach Farmer.png Farmer, Glutton.png Glutton
convert_stats_half_wave EFFECT_CONVERT_STAT_TEMP_HALF_WAVE Converts stats halfway through the wave > Cyborg.png Cyborg
damage_against_bosses effect_damage_against_bosses Deal % more/less damage against elites/bosses Silver Bullet.png Silver Bullet Jack.png Jack
dmg_on_dodge EFFECT_DEAL_DMG_WHEN_DODGE Deal damage when you dodge (Chance%) Riposte.png Riposte -
dmg_when_death EFFECT_DEAL_DMG_WHEN_DEATH Damage a random enemy when another enemy dies (Chance%) Cyberball.png Cyberball -
dmg_when_heal EFFECT_DEAL_DMG_WHEN_HEAL Damage a random enemy when you heal (Chance%) > Lich.png Lich
dmg_when_pickup_gold EFFECT_DEAL_DMG_WHEN_PICKUP_GOLD Damage a random enemy when you collect a material Baby Elephant.png Baby Elephant Lucky.png Lucky
enemy_damage - Deal % more/less damage against enemies (not elites/bosses) Peacock.png Peacock Jack.png Jack
enemy_health - Enemies have % more/less HP > Jack.png Jack
explode_on_consumable effect_explode_on_consumable Explode when you collect a consumable (Chance%) Spicy Sauce.png Spicy Sauce Glutton.png Glutton
extra_enemies_next_wave effect_extra_enemies_next_wave Lamprey enemies will span at the start of the next wave Bait.png Bait -
giant_crit_damage effect_giant_crit_damage Crits deal % of an enemy's HP as bnus damage Giant Belt.png Giant Belt -
heal_on_crit_kill effect_heal_on_crit_kill Heal 1 HP when killing an enemy with a critical hit (Chance%) Tentacle.png Tentacle -
heal_on_dodge EFFECT_HEAL_WHEN_DODGE Heal x HP when you dodge (%Chance) Adrenaline.png Adrenaline -
starting_weapon effect_starting_item Starting weapon for characters. Key is the weapon's my_id > Brawler.png Brawler, Crazy.png Crazy,

Cyborg.png Cyborg, Engineer.png Engineer,
Ranger.png Ranger, Wildling.png Wildling

stats_next_wave effect_stat_next_wave Change stats, for the next wave only Peacock.png Peacock -
structures_cooldown_reduction effect_structures_cooldown_reduction Reduces the attack cooldown of your structures by x

(scales with stat specified with key)

Improved Tools.png Improved Tools -
temp_pct_stats_stacking None (Needs confirming:) Similar to temp_stats_stacking,

but increases stat x by y% every 5 seconds, until the end of the wave

None -
temp_pct_stats_start_wave None (Needs confirming:) Increase stat x by y% at the start of a wave. None -
upgrade_random_weapon effect_upgrade_random_weapon See Anvil. The stat that gets increased if all weapons are maxed

can be chanegd with key.

Anvil.png Anvil
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