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Retromation's Hoodie.png
Retromation's Hoodie
Tier 4
+2% Attack Speed for every 1% Dodge you have.
-80 Range


Retromation's Hoodie is an in-game item that can be bought from a Shop or can be found in a Crate. Most Items modify the Stats of the player, and some of them provide additional effects.


Retromation's Hoodie is a unique item. Only 1 of each unique item can be equipped, and it will then no longer be offered in the Shop, and no longer drop from loot crates.

Retromation's Hoodie

Retromation's Hoodie is not affected by the dodge cap and continues to provide Attack Speed when going above the default 60% dodge cap. For example, 75% Dodge will give 150 Attack Speed.

Once you've picked up Retromation's Hoodie, Dodge becomes one of, if not the most important stat you can find until you hit the Dodge Cap.

Even after you hit the Dodge Cap, it continues to be one of the most efficient sources of Attack Speed. For example, a Tier 2 Upgrade gives 10% attack speed. But if you have Retromation's Hoodie, you can take a Tier 2 6% dodge upgrade and gain +12% attack speed.