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Elemental Damage modifications are increased by 33%
You start with 1 Snake
You start with 1 Scared Sausage
Melee Damage Modifications are reduced by -100%
Ranged Damage Modifications are reduced by -100%
Engineering Modifications are reduced by -100%
Unlocked By
Unlocked by default


Mage is a playable character in the game. Individual characters differ in their Stats and traits, to encourage a variety of play styles in Brotato.

How to Unlock

Unlocked by default


Unlocks Thunder Sword if you win a game with Mage:

Starting Weapons

Mage has a selection from lower tier Elemental weapons and two guns. Wand and Torch inflict powerful burn on hit, while Taser and lightning shiv can create multiple projectiles that scale with elemental damage.

It is worth noting that any weapon that only scales with either Melee Damage or Ranged Damage can't be increased past their base damage. This includes SMG, and Double Barrel Shotgun. However the fast attack speed of the SMG and the piercing/multiple projectiles of the Double Barrel Shotgun can be used to spread burn with Scared Sausage. The projectiles of the Taser and the melee attack part of the lightning shiv can also spread fire in this way. (But the projectiles created by the lightning shiv can't spread fire).

Starting Items

Mage starts with 2 items that make them more effective with the Elemental Damage.png Elemental Damage.

Item Effect Notes
Attacks have a +25% chance to deal 1x3 + ( 100%Elemental Damage.png) burning damage Lets Mage use any weapon to inflict Elemental Damage.png burn.

Increases the burn damage of weapons that already inflict burn by +1 (eg. Wand.png Wand and Torch.png Torch)
But it is cheaper to buy more elemental damage if using those weapons.
The 2nd, 3rd, 4th Scared Sausage also increases the damage done by the burn it inflicts by +1, but this isn't shown in the tooltip.

Burning spreads to a nearby enemy
-1 Max HP
Snakes help spread your flames to more targets. You spread the fire to +1 additional enemy for each snake you have.