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Regeneration Potion.png
Regeneration Potion
Tier 4
HP Regeneration is doubled while you have less than 50% health
+3 HP Regeneration


Regeneration Potion is an in-game item that can be bought from Shop or can be found in a Crate. Most Items increase the Stats of the player while some of them provide unique effects.


Regeneration Potion is a unique item. Unique items can only be bought or found once per run.

Regeneration Potion

The Regeneration Potion gives you a special ability to double your HP Regeneration when you are below half of your Max HP.

Simliar to the Doctor.png Doctor's ability, the Regeneration Potion makes your HP Regeneration heal +2 HP per tick of healing, rather than doubling the rate of ticks. It also stacks with the Doctor's ability to heal +4 HP per tick.

The Regeneration Potion is a very powerful item on builds that relies on HP Regeneration for healing, commonly seen on characters such as Bull.png Bull, Doctor.png Doctor, Lich.png Lich, or Masochist.png Masochist