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Scared Sausage.png
Scared Sausage
Tier 1
Attacks have a +25% chance to deal 1x3 + ( 100%Elemental Damage.png) burning damage


Scared Sausage is an in-game item that can be bought from a Shop or can be found in a Crate. Most Items modify the Stats of the player, and some of them provide additional effects.

Scared Sausage

Scared Sausage.png Scared Sausage gives any weapon hit, any projectile hit, and any hit by an Engineering structure a 25% chance to inflict burn.

The burn effect from Scared Sausage does 1 + (100%Elemental Damage.png) damage each second, for up to 3 seconds.

Each additional Scared Sausage increases the chance to inflict burn by another 25%. It is possible to reach a 100% chance by holding 4 Scared Sausages (which is the count limit for this item).

Scared Sausage passively adds 1 to the burn damage of any weapons that inflict burn (e.g Flamethrower.png Flamethrower), and to other Scared Sausages (if multiple are held). Since Scared Sausage costs more than 1 Elemental Damage, it is not economical to buy the item only to increase the burn damage of weapons.

Effects that can inflict burn

Effects that can not inflict burn

Incendiary Turrets

Incendiary Turret.png Incendiary Turret inflicts a separate type of burn ("blue burn"); they can not inflict the burn from Scared Sausage.

The damage of the turret's "blue burn" is increased by 1 for each Scared Sausage.

Snakes do spread the blue fire of the turret.