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This page serves as a reminder/introduction for contributors, with sections listing general editing tips, plus a full list of every custom template.


Character Pages

If you're adding strategy information to a Character page, One Armed.png One Armed is a good point of reference. It has a table for synergies and makes liberal use of the MiniIconbox template. Another good character page to reference is Mage.png Mage, who has a section for their starting items, and Ranger.png Ranger, who has a Notes section for their starting weapons.

Mod Pages

If you want to show things like character and weapon stats, Mod:Extatonion and Mod:Isaac_Characters_Mod are excellent points of reference, as they make great use of the special templates available.


You can upload many images at once with the Batch Uploader. View uploaded files via Special:ListFiles.


Quick reference list of useful templates. See also: Special:UncategorizedTemplates. For cleanup, see Special:UnusedTemplates.


Contains all data of the specified type. Used by tables, infoboxes, Template:Iconbox, and more.

Template Description
Character_Data All data for Characters
Item_Data All data for Items
Weapon_Data All data for Weapons
Elite_Data All data for Elite Enemies
Boss_Data All data for Bosses
WeaponClass Contains and shows stats for every Weapon Class

To Do: Explain how to regenerate the corresponding page after adding the data


Frequently used miscellaneous templates.

Template Description Example Preview
Iconbox Shows items/weapons in a box, with lots of options. Widely used. {{Iconbox}}
MiniIconbox Mini version of Iconbox, meant for use within content. {{MiniIconbox|Acid}} Acid.png Acid
Color Colours text, eg. green. {{Color|red|-10%}} -10%
StatIcon Stat icons, eg. Damage.png (Damage) {{StatIcon|Max HP}} Max HP.png


Specifically made for mod pages, to showcase characters/items/weapons.

Template Description Preview
MiniModIconbox Mini icon box with a custom image and no link, intended for mod pages.
Version Wraps around the mod's game version. Shows green if the version is current, red if it's behind. /
LinkButton A link styled to look like a button - for internal wiki links
ExternalLinkButton A link styled to look like a button - for external links

Mods - StatsCard

Template Description Preview
StatsCard Full item/weapon stats box, to showcase modded content. Matches the in-game design.
StatsCardWeapon Wrapper for StatsCard, with pre-filled weapon stats to save you some time.
StatsCardWeaponTabs Tabbed version of StatsCardWeapon, to show stats for every tier.
StatsCard_GridToggles Toggle buttons for filtering items. Use them to show/hide items with different stat tags.
StatsCard_WeaponToggles Toggle buttons to change all weapon tab tiers at once


Adds a large section with lots of data. Shown on the right of the page. Some have helpers (see next section).

Template Description
Infobox_Character Infobox for a single Character. Has a helper, listed below
nfobox_Character_Helper Adds Template:Infobox_Character with pre-filled data, using the current page name.
Infobox_Item Infobox for a single Item
Infobox_Weapon Infobox for a single Weapon
Infobox_Elite Infobox for a single Elite Enemy


Inserts pre-defined text that commonly appears on various page types.

Template Usage Page Type Description
Character {{Character}} Character Character page text. Intro for all characters
CharacterUnlockedBy {{CharacterUnlockedBy}} Character Character page text. Shows how to unlock the character
CharacterUnlocks {{CharacterUnlocks}} Character Character page text. Shows what item the character unlocks
Item {{Item}} Item Intro text
Unique {{Unique}} Item States that the item is unique
Weapon {{Weapon}} Weapon Intro text. Set the type with {{Weapon|type=melee}} or {{Weapon|type=ranged}}
WeaponPageClassText {{WeaponPageClassText}} Weapon Weapon class text
WeaponClassIntroText {{WeaponClassIntroText}} Weapon Class Intro for single weapon class page
ItemTagText {{ItemTagText|Exploration}} Many Full sentence stating the characters attributed to the specified item tag
DefaultModInstall {{DefaultModInstall}} Mod Mod install instructions link
ModDisclaimerText {{ModDisclaimerText}} Mod Mod disclaimer mentioning link safety

Text Lists

Lists data.

Template Description
WeaponClassWeapons Lists the Weapons that belong to a specific Weapon Class.
ItemTagCharacters Lists the Characters that belong to a specific Item Tag.


Makes it easier to add tables and rows for specific data sets. The page for Template:TableHeaders shows examples for every template.

Template Description
TableHeaders Table row headers for all rows listed below. The template's page has examples for all the templates below.
TableRowCharacter Lists Characters
TableRowItem Lists Items
TableRowWeapon Lists Weapons
TableRowWeaponClass Lists Weapon Classes

Linked Icons

Add an pre-sized icon with a link to the specified item/weapon/character (eg. see Shop > Modifiers).

Most of these were widely used in common templates, prior to Iconbox being updated with options that made them redundant for such use, and MiniIconbox being created.

Template Example Preview Notes
CharacterIcon {{CharacterIcon|Well Rounded}} Well Rounded.png Well Rounded
ItemIcon {{ItemIcon|Acid}} Acid.png Acid
WeaponIcon {{WeaponIcon|Cacti Club}} Cacti Club.png Cacti Club
MiscIcon {{MiscIcon|Tree}} Tree.png Tree


Can be used to show/hide sections by clicking a button.

Template Description Code
ToggleStart Starts a toggleable section. The template page has docs for all the other toggle templates. {{ToggleStart}}
ToggleEnd Ends a toggleable section. Required, otherwise the page will break! {{ToggleEnd}}
ToggleSection Lets you make multiple toggleable sections that open/collapse from a single button. {{ToggleSection}}
ToggleButton Use with ToggleSection to make a toggle button separate from its target section(s). {{ToggleButton}}


Tables with links for quick navigation.

Template Description Code
NavBoxCharacters Navigation box for Character pages. {{NavBoxCharacters}}
NavBoxStats Navigation box for Stat pages. {{NavBoxStats}}
NavBoxModding Navigation box for Modding pages. {{NavBoxModding}}


Helper functions, used to get data with minimal template logic.

Template Description
GetType Gets the type for the provided thing (item, weapon, character)
GetRarity Gets the rarity for the provided item/weapon
GetVersion Gets the current game version. Used by Template:Version


Templates that have been replaced with new/renamed versions.

Deprecated Template New Template Reason
WeaponSet WeaponClass Renamed "weapon set" to "weapon class" after data mining showed "class" to be the official name
WeaponSetWeapons WeaponClassWeapons
TableRowSet TableRowWeaponClass
Melee Weapon The Weapon template was expanded with options to show the melee/ranged text.


Special wiki pages.


These are special admin pages, and aren't available for public editing.