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+200% Attack Speed with Medical weapons
+5 HP Regeneration
HP Regeneration is doubled
+5 Harvesting
-100% Attack Speed
Armor modifications are reduced by 50%
Unlocked By
Heal 200 HP in one wave


Doctor is a playable character in the game. Individual characters differ in their Stats and traits, to encourage a variety of play styles in Brotato.

How to Unlock

Heal 200 HP in one wave


Unlocks Medikit if you win a game with Doctor:

Starting Weapons

Both of Doctor's starting weapons belong to the Medical class.

General Guide

As the Doctor you have +200% attack speed with medical weapons, and -100% with all weapons in general. The attack speed is added together, so you actually have +100% with medical weapons. Due to the large negative attack speed with other weapons, it is best in most cases to stick with medical weapons. Medical weapons in general trade raw damage output for their innate life steal. In addition the medical class's bonus is HP regeneration. And the Doctor heals 2 HP instead of 1 with HP regeneration. So you'll have a lot of Healing just from your weaponry.

You will have to pick up Melee/Ranged Damage, % Damage, and crit to make up for your weapons' lack of damage output compared to other weapons. Picking up more attack speed is also fine, but it isn't a priority, since you start with +100% of it.

Armor is halved on the Doctor, but picking up the best armor options you're given can still be good. Dodge is a good option for the Doctor to mitigate damage and make the most out of your great healing potential. You might want to get your Max HP a bit higher, since you sometimes get unlucky with Dodge and take multiple hits in a row.

To avoid having to invest in both melee and ranged damage, it is often best to commit to either ranged or melee combat.

If you are using Scissors.png Scissors, you can pick up the third and last Medical weapon later during the game when you see it. The Circular Saw.png Circular Saw is a very powerful melee weapon that also comes with innate lifesteal, and has a large sweeping attack with a very fast attack speed.


Item Effect Notes
+2 HP Regeneration
-1 HP recovered from consumables
+3 Max HP
Alien Worm gives a lot of stats. Max HP is something you want and HP regen is doubled. Since you have so much healing, it might be worth it to discard the consumable healing.
+40 Harvesting
You take 1 damage per second (does not give invulnerability time)
Blood Donation is a very powerful item if you can get it early in the game. Few characters can spare the life to use it, but this is no problem for the doctor.
+3 Max HP
Start the next wave with 1 HP
The Weird ghost gives you cheap Max HP, but sets your HP to 1 during the start of the next wave. This is no problem for the Doctor, who can regain the HP without issue. But don't let your guard down.
+8 HP Regeneration
Start waves with -50% HP
Sad Tomato grants a large amount of HP regeneration in trade for starting with 50% HP during the start of each wave. With additional regeneration, you'll easily get back to full health before the wave really kicks in.
HP Regeneration is doubled while you have less than 50% health
+3 HP Regeneration
The Regeneration Potion stacks with your doubled HP regeneration, and lets you heal 4 HP per tick while below 50% HP.
Your projectiles gain +1 bounce
-25% Damage
The Ricochet provides an additional bounce which is very powerful on ranged weapons without bounce or piercing such as the Medical Gun
Projectiles pierce through +1 additional target
-10% Damage
The Bandana provides an additional pierce which is very powerful on ranged weapons without bounce or piercing such as the Medical Gun