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This page collects and links to miscellaneous information, to make it easier to find it.


Single pages that might otherwise go unnoticed.



Includes additional info on the effect, and the items affected by it.


Some pages have content that might go unnoticed by the casual reader.

  • Weapon Classes - List of all the weapon classes (aka "types" or "sets"), including the weapons they apply to.
  • Item Tags - Characters have a higher chance to get certain items, and this section on the Items page shows them all.
  • Secondary Stats - Lists all the secondary stats shown in the game, plus some extras.
  • Turrets Fire Rate - Turrets have different fire rates. This section lists them.
  • Explosion Sizes - Explosions differ in size, based on their source.
  • Difficulty Sliders / Percentage Running - Explains the Difficulty Sliders and the difficulties known as Percentage running.
  • Inflation - The Price of items increases from wave to wave. See the Math behind it here.


There are many pages beyond the main Modding page.

  • Modding FAQs - Questions and answers for players who are using mods.
  • Modding Notes - Loads of useful info for the creators of mods.
  • Modding Effects - List of all the vanilla effects, which can be used by mods.
  • Modding Items - Grid of vanilla items, with filter buttons. Useful for balance comparisons.


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