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+20 Max HP
+15 HP Regeneration
+10 Armor
HP Regeneration modifications are increased by 50%
You explode for 30 (300%Melee Damage.png 300%Ranged Damage.png 300%Elemental Damage.png) damage when you take damage
This explosion has a 1.5x crit multiplier
You can't equip weapons
Unlocked By
Win a run in Danger 1


Bull is a playable character in the game. Individual characters differ in their Stats and traits, to encourage a variety of play styles in Brotato.

How to Unlock

Win a run in Danger 1


Unlocks Gnome if you win a game with Bull:

Starting Weapons

Bull has no starting Weapons, as they can't equip any.


Item Effects Notes
+40 Harvesting
You take 1 damage per second (does not give invulnerability time)
This is a great synergy as the Bull will explode every second while taking only 1 damage.

Warning: If you take 2 Blood Donation, it instead deals 2 damage per second, but does not cause an extra explosion.

+25% Explosion Size

Plastic Explosive increases Bull's explosive range by 25%, for each plastic explosive you have.

+60% Explosion Damage
+15% Explosion Size
-15% Damage
Bull's explosion is count as Explosion Damage thus is affected by this item.

Explosive Shells increases Bull's explosive damage by 45%. (After accounting for the downside)

+30% Damage
-3% Attack Speed for every different weapon you have
Focus Gives you +30% damage since you have no weapons.
HP Regeneration is doubled while you have less than 50% health
+3 HP Regeneration
Regeneration Potion Doubles your HP Regeneration when you are below half health. This is amazing for Bull and can make you very hard to kill.
Enemies have a +20% chance to explode for 10 + (50%Melee Damage.png) damage when they die
-12 Harvesting
Rip and Tear provides additional explosions when you kill enemies. You already like to pick up melee damage, and increase the damage of your explosions, so Rip and Tear will deal a lot of damage. Rip and Tear can cause chain reaction explosions to happen, clearing out the map without you having to take more damage. It also means that any tougher enemies that survived your main explosion, will take extra damage from the smaller explosions.

General Guide

The Bull cannot use weapons, but instead explode when taking damage (any damage works). So to kill enemies, the Bull must charge into them and explode.

The Bull cannot survive being hit every second, so the trick is to know when and where to explode. Try to kill as many enemies as possible with each explosion, so you take less damage overall. Walking around enemies tend to make them group up.

Some enemies deal more damage than others. Look for those Enemies that deal low damage. Such as: Simple Boi.png or Chaser.png

To kill trees, simply lure enemies next to the tree and take damage so you explode near the tree.


  • Armor and HP Regeneration are very important for sustaining all the damage Bull takes throughout a wave.
  • Speed is also very important as it allows you to pick your fight and choose when to take damage.
  • Max HP can also be useful as the player needs to be able to take several hits without dying. But it doesn't let you stay in the fight in the long run. 3 Max HP is 3 Max HP, but 3 HP regeneration will regenerate about 16 HP over the 60 seconds of a wave.
  • Dodge is also useful if the player has Blood Donation or to slow down the rate of damage they take.
  • Your Explosions scale with Melee Damage, Ranged Damage, Elemental Damage. You often get double the melee damage for the same price, since melee weapons scale higher than ranged weapons. But for Bull, both give the same damage. So you will often find the best deals in melee damage.
  • Dynamite and Explosive Shells are very great ways to Percentage Damage since all your damage is done with explosions.
  • Crit Chance allows explosions to deal 1.5x critical damage. This is half the bonus damage of the normal 2.0x modifier that most weapons have. Your explosions often already kill weaker enemies in one hit, so in those cases crit won't be useful.
  • Life Steal - Your explosions don't trigger life steal.
  • Attack Speed - You have no way of attacking.
  • Range - Your explosions aren't affected by range.

Harvesting and Luck are about the same importance as for other characters. Bull doesn't have to pick up weapons in the early game, and is generally strong during the early waves. Use this window to invest in your economy.