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Improved Tools.png
Improved Tools
Tier 3
+10 % Attack Speed
Reduces the attack cooldown of your structures by 0% (50%Attack Speed.png)
Unlocked by
Win a run with Cyborg


Improved Tools is an in-game item that can be bought from Shop or can be found in a Crate. Most Items increase the Stats of the player while some of them provide unique effects.


Improved Tools is a unique item. Unique items can only be bought or found once per run.

Improved Tools

Improved Tools increases the attack speed of your turrets by half of your Attack Speed stat, So if you have 100% attack speed, it increases the attack speed of your Turrets by 50%.

Improved Tools is a powerful item for Engineering builds, but requires you to invest in attack speed, something you might not otherwise would want to do.

The Improved Tools also increases the Consumable spawn rate of Gardens, including the gardens spawned by Pruners. It also increases the spawn rate of Landmines, including the mines spawned by Screwdrivers.

Item Tag

As of patch, the item tag for Improved Tools is "Elemental Damage". This is likely a bug and may be fixed in the future.