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Trees are neutral units that spawn throughout waves. They can be killed for good Loot.

Trees drop 3 Materials on death, and have a 100% to drop a Consumable. This consumable has a base 20% chance to be a Loot Crate, which increases with Luck.

Note that unlike the Loot Hoarder, trees are not guaranteed to drop consumables. So if you have negative Luck, or are playing Endless Mode, trees might not drop consumables.

Thing Effects Notes
Tree.png Tree Increases the amount of trees that spawn. Grants on average 0.33 trees spawned every 10 seconds.
Lumberjack Shirt.png Lumberjack Shirt Allows you to kill trees in one hit, as if the tree had 1 HP. Trees by default have a limit, where they will die after taking 8 hits. The Shirt changes this to 1 hit instead.
Explorer.png Explorer Starts with the equivalent of 12 Tree.png Tree items. Also, the first group of trees spawn at the beginning of the wave instead of 10 seconds in.

(But the second tree spawn is still after 20 seconds just like with everyone else)

Cryptid.png Cryptid Starts with the equivalent of 6 Tree.png Tree items. Does not have the early trees feature that Explorer.png Explorer has.


Trees have a chance to spawn every 10 seconds. The first chance for trees to spawn is 10 seconds into the wave. The exception is Explorer.png Explorer, whose first spawn of trees happen at the start of the wave, but the second spawn still happens after 20 seconds for Explorer.

A random number between 1 and 2 + your Tree Secondary stat is chosen.

Then the game will attempt to spawn a tree with a 33% chance that number of times.

This means that every 10 seconds, an average of 0.5 Trees + 0.33 times your Tree secondary stat spawns.

So for Explorer.png Explorer, who starts with a Tree stat of 12, a average of 4.5 trees will spawn each 10 seconds.

Spawn Smoother

In Patch a mechanic was added to smooth out the spawning of trees.

For example with Explorer.png Explorer, who has a +12 to the Tree Stat, meaning that they will have 13-14 trees spawning at a 33% rate by default every 10 seconds.

Before, every 10 seconds, the game would first flip a coin to decide if it was attempting to spawn 1 or 2 (+12 Tree Stat), so 13 or 14 Trees. Then it would begin spawning all of those trees. But each tree only had a 33% spawn rate. So in theory 0 trees could spawn, if each of those 33% chance checks failed to spawn a tree. But there was also a tiny chance for 14 Trees to spawn.

With the introduction of Cryptid.png Cryptid, who has a +6 to the Tree stat. The randomness was annoying for players, so a mechanic was added to smooth out the spawning.

So the Explorer, who has an average of 13.5 Trees spawning at a 0.33 rate, has an average of 4.5 Trees will spawn each 10 seconds. With the Spawn Smoother, the game will see the 4.5 average and simply spawn 4 trees, and roll a 50% chance for the 0.5 left over tree. So now 4-5 trees will spawn, keeping the same average, but prevent wildly unpredictable results.

Amount of Tree items/stat Amount of Trees Spawned every 10 Seconds
0 Tree Stat 0 (49.5%) or 1 (50.5%)
1 Tree Stat 0 (17.5%) or 1 (82.5%)
2 Tree Stat 0 (0.5%) or 1 (83.5%) or 2 (16.0%)
3 Tree Stat 1 (48.5%) or 2 (51.5%)
4 Tree Stat 1 (18.5%) or 2 (81.5%)
5 Tree Stat 1 (1.0%) or 2 (83.5%) or 3 (15.5%)
6 Tree Stat 2 (47.5%) or 3 (52.5%)
7 Tree Stat 2 (19.5%) or 3 (80.5%)
8 Tree Stat 2 (1.5%) or 3 (83.5%) or 4 (15.0%)
9 Tree Stat 3 (46.5%) or 4 (53.5%)
10 Tree Stat 3 (20.5%) or 4 (79.5%)
11 Tree Stat 3 (2.0%) or 4 (83.5%) or 5 (14,5%)
12 Tree Stat 4 (45.5%) or 5 (54.5%)
13 Tree Stat 4 (21.5%) or 5 (78.5%)
14 Tree Stat 4 (2.5%) or 5 (83.5%) or 6 (14,0%)
15 Tree Stat 5 (44.5%) or 6 (55.5%)


Trees are Neutral. This means that they are treated differently by the game in several instances. Trees are currently the only Neutral Unit implemented in the game.

  • Trees being neutral, means that they aren't affected by some effects like Gentle Alien.png Gentle Alien's ability to increase the amount of enemies. They also don't count against the maximum number of enemies that can be on the map at once.
  • In the same manner, Jack.png Jack doesn't increase the amount of Materials dropped by Trees. (But their HP increases)
  • Trees die if hit 8 times, if not killed before by damage. This can be easily experienced with Renegade.png Renegade. This is reduced to one hit if you have Lumberjack Shirt.png Lumberjack Shirt. Burn does not contribute to the 8-hit kill.
  • Bouncing Attacks like the ones from Slingshot.png Slingshot do not target neutral units when finding a target for their bounce, but the bounces can still hit trees if it crosses the path of the projectile.
  • Furthermore, Burn doesn't spread to Neutral Units if you have the Snake.png Snake item. You can still set the tree on fire by attacking it directly.