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You earn +x Materials and Experience at the end of a wave. After you gained the Materials and XP, your harvesting stat increases by 5% rounded up. (So if you have 5 harvest it becomes 6, and it takes 21 for getting +2 harvesting at the end of each wave).

If Harvesting is negative, you lose -x Materials and XP at the end of a wave. You cannot lose a level from this XP loss. While your harvesting stat is negative, there is no 5% interest.

There are several ways to increase this 5% Increment. The item Crown.png Crown increases the interest to a total of 13%. Farmer.png Farmer has +3% interest on harvesting (so 8%), and can reach 16% with crown. Entrepreneur.png Entrepreneur has a 50% modifier on all harvesting stat modifications. This includes the harvesting stats gained from the 5% interest.

When evaluating whether or not a Harvesting item will pay for itself, don't forget to account for the extra XP you gain.

In Endless Mode the 5% increment and any increases like the one from Crown or Farmer stops functioning. Instead, you lose 10% of your harvesting at the end of each wave. So even a Farmer with Crown will still lose 10% once they get to Wave 21 or higher.



These items increase your Harvesting.

Due to Item Tags, the Character(s) Entrepreneur.png Entrepreneur, Farmer.png Farmer have a higher chance to find these items in the Shop.

Name Rarity Effects Base Price Limit Unlocked By
Tier 3 +40 Harvesting
You take 1 damage per second (does not give invulnerability time)
Tier 3 +15 Luck
+18 Harvesting
-5% Attack Speed
-3% Crit Chance
75 Win a run with Entrepreneur.png Entrepreneur
Tier 3 Harvesting increases by an additional +8% at the end of a wave (stacking) 70 1
Tier 1 +8 Harvesting
-1 Melee Damage
Tier 2 +20% pickup range
+10 Harvesting
-5% Dodge
Tier 1 +4% Dodge
+4 Harvesting
-1 Melee Damage
-1 Ranged Damage
Tier 3 +40 Harvesting
-8% Damage
Tier 3 +4 Melee Damage
+2 Ranged Damage
+10 Harvesting
-2 Elemental Damage
85 Win a run with Farmer.png Farmer
Tier 2 -1 Armor
+16 Harvesting
Tier 2 +5 Harvesting
-5% Enemies
40 1


These items decrease your Harvesting.

Name Rarity Effects Base Price Limit Unlocked By
Tier 1 +2% Life Steal
-2 Harvesting
Tier 2 +2% Life Steal
+2 HP Regeneration
-4 Harvesting
Tier 1 +1 Elemental Damage
+2 Melee Damage
-2 Harvesting
Tier 3 +5% Life Steal
+10% Enemies
-5 Harvesting
55 5
Tier 3 Enemies have a +20% chance to explode for 10 + (50%Melee Damage.png) damage when they die
-12 Harvesting
65 5 Win a run with Loud.png Loud
Tier 4 +12% Damage
+6% Attack Speed for every different weapon you have
-3% Dodge
-5 Harvesting
120 Win a run with Gladiator.png Gladiator


These use your Harvesting stat for other effects.

Name Rarity Effects Base Price Limit Unlocked By
Tier 3 Harvesting increases by an additional +8% at the end of a wave (stacking) 70 1


These Characters start with different Harvesting, or have mechanics related to their Harvesting:

Positive Characters

Name Stats Unlocked By Unlocks
-95% Weapons Price
+30 Harvesting
Damage modifications are increased by +33%
You start with 1 Dangerous Bunny
Shops always sell at least 1 weapon
All of your weapons are destroyed when entering a shop
Recycle 12 weapons during a run
+5 Max Hp
+5% Speed
+8 Harvesting
Unlocked by default
-25% Enemy speed
+10 Harvesting
-33%Map Size
-10% Enemies
-10% Speed
Kill 300 enemies
+15 Harvesting
+1% Damage for every 25 Materials you have
You start with 1 Piggy Bank
+50% Item & Weapon Price
Collect 20000 materials
+20 Harvesting
Harvesting increases by an additional 3% at the end of a wave
+1 Harvesting when eating a consumable while at full health
-50% materials dropped
Reach +200 Harvesting
-25% Items Price
Harvesting modifications are increased by 50%
Gain 25% more materials from recycling items
-100% of your materials at the start of waves
Damage modifications are reduced by 50%
Hold 3000 Materials
+200% Attack Speed with Medical weapons
+5 HP Regeneration
HP Regeneration is doubled
+5 Harvesting
-100% Attack Speed
Armor modifications are reduced by 50%
Heal 200 HP in one wave

Negative Characters

Name Stats Unlocked By Unlocks
+30% Damage
+50% Enemies
-3 Harvesting at the end of a wave
Kill 5000 enemies
+100 Range
+1% Damage for every 10 Range you have
Crit Chance modifications are increased by 25%
Harvesting modifications are reduced by 100%
Max HP modifications are reduced by 33%
Reach +300 Range
+2 Melee Damage for every 1 Armor you have
+5 Armor
You can't equip ranged weapons
You can only equip tier 2 weapons or above
% Attack Speed modifications are reduced by 50%
Harvesting modifications are reduced by 80%
Win a run in Danger 4


These Weapons affect Harvesting:

Name Class Damage Attack Speed DPS Crit Damage/Chance Range Knockback Lifesteal Special Effects Base price Unlocked by
Unarmed, Support

1(50%Melee Damage.png)
1(50%Melee Damage.png)
1(50%Melee Damage.png)
1(50%Melee Damage.png)


1.0(49%Melee Damage.png)/s
1.1(53%Melee Damage.png)/s
1.2(58%Melee Damage.png)/s
1.4(70%Melee Damage.png)/s

x1.5 (1%)
x1.5 (1%)
x1.5 (1%)
x1.5 (1%)




+3/+6/+9/+18 Harvesting



Weapon Classes

These Weapon Classes affect Harvesting:

Class Bonuses Weapons
Support (2)+5 Harvesting
(3)+10 Harvesting
(4)+15 Harvesting
(5)+20 Harvesting
(6)+25 Harvesting



Formulas & Values

These tables show how harvesting grows with each wave for default, farmer, and entrepreneur. All of them are shown with and without crown. Default and Entrepreneur are shown starting with a tier 1 +5 harvesting upgrade. Farmer is shown with its starting +20 harvesting.

You can download the source Google Sheet and play around with the numbers.

The Wave column refers to when you get the harvesting. So wave 1 means you pick up the harvest upgrade at the end of wave 1. Current Harvesting shows the harvesting stat as it increases with each wave. Gained Total shows how many Materials and XP have been accumulated over the waves.

Harvesting for Default

Harvesting Default.png

Harvesting for Farmer

Harvesting Farmer Updated.png

Harvesting for Entrepreneur

Harvesting Entrepreneur.png

Source: this spreadsheet by ArosRising.