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Sniper Gun.png
Sniper Gun
Damage: -
50(100%Ranged Damage.png20%Range Stat.png)
80(100%Ranged Damage.png30%Range Stat.png)
Attack Speed: - / - / 2.4s / 2.4s
DPS: -
20.8(41%Ranged Damage.png8%Range Stat.png)/s
33.3(41%Ranged Damage.png12%Range Stat.png)/s
Crit Chance / Damage: - / - / x3 (20%) / x4 (20%)
Range: - / - / 800 / 1000
Knockback: - / - / 30 / 30
Lifesteal: - / - / 0 / 0
Attack Type: -
Special Effects: Hitting an enemy spawns 5/8 projectiles dealing 5 +(10%/15%Range Stat.png)
Unlocked by: Win a run with Hunter.png Hunter

Sniper Gun

Sniper Gun is a weapon that can be bought from Shop. Weapons are primary damage dealers and most Characters can hold up to 6 weapons.

Sniper Gun is a Ranged Weapon. Ranged weapon shoots a projectile what travels up to total Range. If the weapon has no pierce, the projectile only damages only one enemy.


The Sniper Gun is a tier-3 minimum; No characters can start with it, and it can only be found in the shop.

The Sniper Gun has higher critical damage than regular weapons and benefit greatly from getting Crit Chance, altho its projectiles only deal x2 Crit Damage (with a 3% base Crit Chance). The slow attack with high damage and extra critical damage means that the Sniper Gun can reach numbers over 2000 damage per shot in the late game.

Its damage scales much better with Range rather than the normal Ranged Damage. These are the same stats as the Crossbow scale with, making the Sniper Gun a possible late game addition to any Crossbow-focused build.

The Sniper Gun benefits immensely from the items Bandana and Ricochet, as it not only makes both the main projectile and the spawned projectiles Bounce/Pierce, but the main projectile spawns more projectiles every time it hits another target after bouncing or piercing.


Sniper Gun has the Weapon Class(es) of: Gun, Precise.

Weapons in the same class gain bonuses, and are more likely to be found in the Shop.

Class Bonuses Weapons
Gun (2)+10 Range
(3)+20 Range
(4)+30 Range
(5)+40 Range
(6)+50 Range



Precise (2)+3% Crit Chance
(3)+6% Crit Chance
(4)+9% Crit Chance
(5)+12% Crit Chance
(6)+15% Crit Chance