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More Enemies

"More Enemies" is a hidden tag for certain Items. It's applied to items that increase the number of Enemies that spawn.

More enemies increases a wave's difficulty, but also increases the number of materials that can be collected per wave.


These items increase the number of enemies that spawn at once.

They don't increase the total number of enemies that can be present at once. That number is always 100, and cannot be changed.

Related Tags

Two Item Tags that decrease enemy difficulty also exist: Less Enemies and Less Enemy Speed.

Items tagged with "More Enemies"

The character(s) Loud.png Loud have a higher chance to find these items in the Shop.

Name Rarity Effects Base Price Limit Unlocked By
Tier 2 +8 % Damage
Special enemies appear at the beginning of the next wave
Tier 1 +5% Damage
+5% Enemies
+2 Max HP
30 10
Tier 3 +5% Life Steal
+10% Enemies
-5 Harvesting
55 5