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This page is an archive of the many mods created for Brotato, before Steam Workshop was added in Patch

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All mods are unofficial, use at your own risk. Anyone can put any code they want in the files shared (including malicious code to hack you) so be careful with what you're downloading and don't download anything that looks suspicious.

Download links are moved to individual mod pages as those pages can only be edited by mod developers. While this does not guarantee safety, it ensures that the download link has not been altered by malicious parties.

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Save File


Before modding your game, make a copy of your save files as it might get corrupted.

  • Go to %appdata%
  • Make copy of "Brotato" folder

Separate Save Files

If you launch a mod through Steam, you can keep using your Steam cloud save and all its unlocks. However, if you launch a mod outside of Steam (eg. by running an EXE directly), a separate save file will be used instead. You can view both at %appdata%\Brotato. The folder with the long numbers contains your Steam save. If you have a folder named "user", that's the folder that gets used if you run the EXE directly. You can copy and paste save data between them if you need to (just be very careful if you do this, as doing this could accidentally overwrite your proper save file, so it's best to keep your main save backed up in a totally separate folder just in case).

FAQs (for Archived Mods)

Note: These FAQs are not about to Brotato's Steam Workshop. They are only related to the mods you can manually install from the mods archive, which we're calling "archived mods".

Why does the Mods Archive page exist?

Before Brotato was updated to include Steam Workshop support (in Patch, modders created customised versions of the game's main data file (Brotato.pck). To use the mod, you would download the custom version of Brotato.pck and replace the vanilla version. The big drawbacks to this were that a) The setup process could be difficult; b) You couldn't use multiple mods at once; and c) You had to know about mods in the first place to find them. When Steam Workshop support arrived, it solved all of these issues, as multiple mods can be subscribed to from the Workshop.

While the most popular mods have been ported to the Workshop, there are lots that haven't been. So they're preserved here.

How do I download & install archived mods?

To download a mod, click the mod's name in the list to view its page. Its downloads are always in the "Downloads" section of each mod page.

To install a mod, see the Mod Installation section below.

Can I use multiple archived mods at once?

Not for these archived mods. But you can with mods from Steam Workshop, which has multiple mod support. Visit the workshop here.

Can I use outdated archived mods?

Yes, but they are locked to the patch version they were released on. This is because mods are downloaded as PCK files, which replace Brotato.pck. These PCK files contain all the game's code and assets. The EXE is just the game engine that runs the code in the PCK. This means that when you replace the PCK, you're replacing everything.

Can I use archived mods with Workshop mods?

No. All the archived mods use a version of the game that was released before Steam Workshop support was added.

Is downloading archived mods safe?

The wiki's mod page downloads are relatively safe, because they can only be edited by modders and wiki admins, which means that random people can't just upload a virus.

The mods on the wiki are also usually made by long-standing members of the community.

However, as with downloading any software from the internet, you should still be careful.

Mod Installation

None of these methods allows running multiple mods in the same game. Use mods from the Steam Workshop for that.

Video guide:

Downloading Mods & Setup

  • Make sure to backup your save files.
    • This is an important safety measure, in case a mod unintentionally corrupts your save.
  • Download mods via Mods List table below.
    • The download links are on the individual mod pages.
    • The mod file will have the extension .pck, eg. BrotatoMod.pck.
    • If it's in a ZIP file, you'll need to extract it from the zip first.
  • Open the game's folder.
    • In Steam: Library > Right click on Brotato > Manage > Browse Local Files
  • Make a backup of the vanilla Brotato.pck.
    • Ie. copy and paste it, then rename the copy to Brotato-Vanilla-Copy.pck.
  • Now you're ready to use one of the methods below.

Steam-Browse-Local-Files.png Mod-installation-3-Alt.png

Method 1: Replace Vanilla PCK

This is the simplest method. Uses Steam, so you keep your saves and can unlock achievements.

  1. In the game folder, delete the original Brotato.pck (after making a backup, as above)
  2. Move the mod's .pck file into the game's folder, and rename it Brotato.pck
  3. Run the game from Steam

Method 2: Using Steam Launch Option

This method allows for fast mod switching. Uses Steam.

  1. In Steam: Right click on Brotato > Properties > Launch Options
  2. Add --main-pack modpackname.pck
    • Change modpackname.pck to match the name of any mod's .pck file
  3. Run the game from Steam


Mod-installation-6.png Mod-installation-1.png Mod-installation-5.png

Method 3: Multiple EXE Files

Lets you run any number of mods quickly. Doesn't use Steam (so no cloud saves/achievements)

  1. In the game's folder, duplicate Brotato.exe (ie. with copy & paste).
  2. Rename the copy to match the mod's .pck file.
    1. You might need to rename the .pck file first, it it already has the name Brotato.pck.
  3. Move the mod's .pck where .exe is
  4. Open the copied .exe.
  5. This way don't have to rename files every time you want to change mods or play vanilla.


Method 4: Use Mod:Mod Selector Mod

You can run one script to choose your mod pack easily. Uses Steam.

Learn more here

Method 5: Steam Shortcuts

This is very technical, but once you know what you're doing it's fast and flexible. Uses Steam.

The explanation here is long so it's been hidden behind this toggle button:

Toggle Instructions

  1. A variation on method 3 above is to create (potentially multiple) shortcuts with different launch options, rather than setting a single launch option in Steam.
  2. First, remove any custom launch options currently set in Steam for Brotato.
  3. Get your paths ready:
    1. STEAM_PATH = The absolute path to your Steam EXE (eg: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steam.exe").
    2. PCK_PATH = The path to (and including) the PCK file.
      • It's easiest to have it in the same folder as Brotato.exe, as this lets you use a relative path.
      • But it can be in a subfolder, or you can use an absolute path. As long as the path is valid, it'll work.
  4. Create a new shortcut (right click > New > Shortcut)
  5. In the location field, enter: STEAM_PATH -applaunch 1942280 --main-pack PCK_PATH (then click Next and name your shortcut)
    1. This means: In Steam, run the game with the ID of 1942280 (which is Brotato), and launch it with the PCK file at the PCK_PATH location.
    2. Examples for the full shortcut path might be:
    3. "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steam.exe" -applaunch 1942280 --main-pack BrotatoSIFD.pck -- if BrotatoSIFD.pck is in the same folder as Brotato.exe
    4. "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steam.exe" -applaunch 1942280 --main-pack MyMods\BrotatoSIFD.pck -- if BrotatoSIFD.pck is in a subfolder called "MyMods"
    5. "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steam.exe" -applaunch 1942280 --main-pack "C:\BrotatoMods\BrotatoSIFD.pck" -- if BrotatoSIFD.pck is in a separate absolute location
  6. If done correctly, this is basically an alternative to method 3 but without having to keep changing the launch options in Steam.
  7. Documentation for Steam's applaunch command line option is here.
  8. Alternatively, you can use the Steam browser protocol and create a new shortcut that targets steam://run/1942280//--main-pack PCK_PATH.
    1. This is shorter than using the full path to Steam, but Steam will show a warning prompt every time to try to run the shortcut.
    2. It also only seems to work correctly with relative paths.

Mod List

The best place to discuss mods is the official Brotato discord's modding channel.

Multi Mods

These mods are combinations of other mods.

Name Author Description Game Version Last Update
Duct Tape.png
MRCL Combination of Assassin, Starwars, Extatonion, SIFD's Mod, and Multiple Resolutions Mod 2022-11-28 Mod:Modtato

Content Mods

These mods are expansions, adding new items, weapons, mechanics and characters to the game.

Tip: Click "Game Version" twice to sort mods by the latest version. Click "Last Update" twice to see which have been updated recently.

Name Author Description Game Version Last Update
JuneFurrs Adds some new content with a dark backstory... new characters, weapons, items and even challenges 2022-12-29 Mod:Assassin
Dami's mod.png
dami's Overhaul Mod
dami Super upgrades - Legendaries - Burn Overhaul - Atk speed - QoL 0.1.1 (Demo) 2022-09-18 Mod:dami's Overhaul Mod
dami's Arsenal
dami Adds 4 weapons 2022-10-18 Mod:dami's Arsenal
Psina 43 new items
39 new weapons
6 new weapon classes
6 new characters with their own unlocks
7 new upgrades 2023-01-07 Mod:Extatonion
Anti + DireYoshi 3 Characters, 4 ITems, 9 Items, Modifiers 0.1.1 (Demo) 2022-08-02 Mod:Gemini
Half Baked
Zombero 12 New Characters 2023-1-21 Mod:HalfBaked
Mod-Invasion Logo.png
Darkly77 New content from Space Gladiators:
116 items, 3 weapons, lots more planned 2022-12-23 Mod:Invasion
Mod-Isaac-sacred heart.png
Isaac Characters Mod
Psina Adds new content based on The Binding Of Isaac:
6 new characters, 7 new weapons, 13 new items 2022-11-28 Mod:Isaac_Characters_Mod
Resinated Crazy - More Waves - Custom modes 0.5.3c 2022-10-12 Mod:Kaotic
Randomizer + Expansion
+ Hardcore + Babies
Resinated Randomizer + Expansion + Hardcore + Babies 0.1.1 (Demo) 2022-08-22 Mod:Randomizer + Expansion + Hardcore + Babies
Star Wars Mod
Bioinvasion Adds Star Wars themed weapons, characters, and items. 2022-11-26 Mod:Starwars

Balance Overhaul Mods

These mods are balance tweaks, buffing or nerfing some aspects of vanilla game, or adding new ways to affects its balance.

Name Author Description Game Version Last Update
Ahegao's Random Spooky Stuff
Spooky Scary Ahegao Wanna play OP version's of Brotato Characters? 2022-11-13 Mod:Ahegao's Random Spooky Stuff
Mod-All Starting Weapons.png
All Starting Weapons
Zucker_Schock Adds all available starting weapons to all characters. Random weapon button gives a random weapon from the full selection. Character specific perks taken into account. 2022-11-20 Mod:All_Starting_Weapons
Mod-Attract Materials.png
Attraction/Pickup Mods
Zucker_Schock Several Mods aimed at instant pickup and or attraction of materials and or consumables (food+chests). 2022-12-03 Mod:Attraction/Pickup_Mods
Cheat Mod
Aequitas, Dex Adds Cheat Menu that can give any item and any weapon 2022-11-08 Mod:Cheat Mod
Golden Box.png
Golden Box
D. Adds special Golden boxes that allows you to choose the item you want 0.5.11c 2022-10-27 Mod:Golden Box
MRCL All items are buyable in the shop, no need to roll! 2022-11-07 Mod:Shoptato
Sifd's Relic.png
SIFD's Mod - Rainbow Chest


Rainbow Chest - Let you choose any item you want.

Game Busters - Advanced Benchmarking software for Potato PCs. 2023-02-22 Mod:SIFD's Mod - Rainbow Chest
Tylers Only Mod
Psina Only Tylers appear in the store. Can you beat the game with only Tylers? 2022-11-30 Mod:Tylers Only Mod

Utility Mods

These mods are tools that add new utilities for Brotato client but not to the game itself.

Name Author Description Game Version Last Update
Mod Selector
YourB3stNightmare Script that lets you choose any Brotato .pck file to run the game with. Any 2022-11-25 Mod Selector
Night Goggles.png
Multiple Resolutions Mod
KANA Enables resolutions higher than 1080p, such as 3440x1440 and 2560x1440 2022-11-10 Mod:Multiple Resolutions Mod

Modding Tools

These mods are extra resources for modders, or players who want to easily mod in new content.

Name Author Description Game Version Last Update
Mod-DebugLoader Icon.png
Darkly77 Edit a JSON file to set debug options (starting weapons, items, materials etc).
Can be used to share custom challenges 2022-12-23 Mod:DebugLoader
Anotic Create custom characters with a JSON file and PNGs.
No custom code needed. 2022-11-11 Mod:Herbloader

Mobile Mods

Vanilla Brotato Mobile can be found on Apple Store or Google Play

Modded APKs for Brotato on Android.

Name Author Description Game Version Last Update
My mod icon.png
Brotato Mobile by ZBEP
ZBEP Mobile version of Brotato for Android with support for Steam mods. 2023-05-23 Brotato Mobile by ZBEP

Restoring Vanilla

If you accidently remove your original Brotato.pck file:

  • Go to Steam > Library > right click on Brotato > Properties > Local Files > Verify integrity of game files...

This will fix your game and bring it back to vanilla.

Modding-restore-vanilla-1.png Modding-restore-vanilla-2.png

Vanilla Files List

You can download older Brotato.pck files here.

Game Version Download Mod:Patch Mod:Patch
0.5.11c Mod:Patch 0.5.11c
0.1.1 (Demo) Mod:Demo 0.1.1

Links & Resources

Link Type Info
Brotato Discord Server Discord See the #modding channel
Modding Tutorial Guide YouTube tutorial video by Jonus. Covers all the basics.
Translations Guide Guide Discord message by Aequitas explaining how to do translations.
GDRE Tools Tool Godot Decompiler. Required for modding. Has either a GUI or CLI.
GodotSteam Tool A version of the Godot editor with Steam support built into it.

Lets you run Brotato within the editor without getting a ton of Steam-related errors.

Make sure you read the docs on exporting, here.

Attack Speed Calculator Tool Enter weapon stats to see the cooldown, as shown in-game.
Wiki Tools Tool Load into your project to output an items page (eg Extatonion/Items). Will be made into a full Mod: page later.
Godot Documentation Info Docs for Godot 3.5 (Brotato's version)
Godot bbcode Info Docs for using bbcode with Godot (eg. in item descriptions)
Modding > Effects Info Lists vanilla effects, which can be applied to modded content
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