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Icon Name Requirements Unlock Unlock Type
Cake.png Hungry Pick up 20 consumables during a run Glutton.png Glutton Character
Exoskeleton.png Advanced Technology Reach 10 Ranged Damage and get 3 structures at the same time Cyborg.png Cyborg Character
Mammoth.png Giant Slayer Kill a boss or an elite in less than 15 seconds Jack.png Jack Character
Little Muscley Dude.png Robust Reach +100 Max HP Lich.png Lich Character
Cyborg.png Cyborg Win a run with Cyborg Improved Tools.png Improved Tools Item
Glutton.png Glutton Win a run with Glutton Spicy Sauce.png Spicy Sauce Item
Jack.png Jack Win a run with Jack Giant Belt.png Giant Belt Item
Lich.png Lich Win a run with Lich Tentacle.png Tentacle Item


4 new characters: Cyborg.png Cyborg, Glutton.png Glutton, Jack.png Jack, Lich.png Lich.


  • You start with 1 Minigun
  • Ranged Damage modifications are increased by 250%
  • 100% of your Ranged Damage are temporarily converted into Engineering halfway through a wave (1 Ranged Damage = 2 Engineering)
  • Engineering modifications are reduced by 75%
  • Melee modifications are reduced by 100%
  • Elemental modifications are reduced by 100%


  • +50 Luck
  • +1 % Explosion Damage when picking up a consumable while at maximum health
  • Consumable have a 100% chance to explode for 10 (500% Melee Damage.png) damage when picked up
  • +25 % Items Price
  • -25 % XP Gain


  • +50% damage against bosses and elites
  • +200% materials dropped from enemies
  • -75% Enemies
  • +250 % Enemy health
  • +50 % Enemy damage
  • Note: On higher danger levels, only Elites spawn, never hordes


  • +10 HP Regeneration
  • +10 % Life Steal
  • 100% chance to deal 10 (Max HP.png) damage to a random enemy when you heal
  • Damage modifications are reduced by 50%

Changes to Characters

  • Arms Dealer.png Arms Dealer:
    • +25% Damage modifications => +33% (Buff)
  • Demon.png Demon:
  • Farmer.png Farmer:
    • 5% Harvesting growth => 3% (Nerf)
    • +30 Harvesting => +20 (Nerf)
    • +1 Harvesting when eating a consumable while at full health (Buff)
  • Mage.png Mage:
    • -100 Melee/Ranged Damage/Engineering => -0; and:
    • -100% Melee/Ranged Damage/Engineering modifications instead (Buff)
    • Editor note: This means that Mage can now take non-elemental weapons without them suffering a major damage penalty (eg. SMG/Shotgun).
  • Wildling.png Wildling:
    • -3 Melee/Ranged Damage => -0 (Buff)
    • +25% Life Steal with Primitive weapons => +30% (Buff)


3 new weapons: Jousting Lance, Pruner, Revolver.

Jousting Lance.png

Jousting Lance
  • Damage: 25 (50%Melee Damage.png 30%Speed Stat.png)
  • Critical: x2 (3% chance)
  • Cooldown: 1.58s
  • Range: 250 (Melee)
  • +2 % Speed
  • -10 % Damage while standing still


  • Damage: 10 (50%Melee Damage.png)
  • Critical: x1.25 (3% chance)
  • Cooldown: 1.14s
  • Knockback: 2
  • Range: 150 (Melee)
  • Spawns a garden that creates a fruit every 15/14/12/10 seconds


  • Damage: 15 (Ranged Damage.png)
  • Critical: x2 (3% chance)
  • Cooldown: 0.43s
  • Knockback: 15
  • Range: 450 (Ranged)
  • Cooldown is 3.47s every 6 shots

Changes to Weapons

  • Ghost Scepter.png Ghost Scepter: Base damage increased (Buff)
  • Ghost Scepter.png Ghost Scepter: Cooldown decreased (Buff)
  • Hammer.png Hammer: 100% Melee Damage scaling => 150%/175%/200% (tier II/III/IV) (Buff)
  • Laser Gun.png Laser Gun: Base damage increased (Buff)
  • Obliterator.png Obliterator: Slightly slower projectile (Buff)
  • Plank.png Plank: Damage scaling starts at 50% instead of 25% Melee/Elemental/Engineering (Buff)
  • Plank.png Plank: Cooldown reduced (Buff)
  • Plasma Sledgehammer.png Plasma Sledgehammer: 100% Melee/Elemental Damage scaling => 150%/200% (tier III/IV) (Buff)
  • Screwdriver.png Screwdriver: Tool, Precise => Tool (Tweak)
  • Screwdriver.png Screwdriver: +3 Knockback (Buff)
  • Slingshot.png Slingshot: Reduced scaling from getting upgraded (Nerf)
  • Thief Dagger.png Thief Dagger: Damage increased (Buff)
  • Thief Dagger.png Thief Dagger: Chance for material on crit increased (Buff)
  • Thunder Sword.png Thunder Sword: 100% Melee/Elemental Damage scaling => 125%/150% (tier III/IV) (Buff)


13 new items (0, 5, 4, 4):

Adrenaline, Bait, Bloody Hand, Extra Stomach, Garden, Giant Belt, Improved Tools, Lucky Coin, Peacock, Riposte, Silver Bullet, Spicy Sauce, Tentacle.


Max HP.png HP Regeneration.png Life Steal.png Damage.png Melee Damage.png Ranged Damage.png Elemental Damage.png Attack Speed.png Crit Chance.png Engineering Stat.png Range Stat.png Armor.png Dodge Stat.png Speed Stat.png Luck.png Harvesting.png

📦 👁️ Materials.png 🏷️


  • +8 % Damage
  • Special enemies appear at the beginning of the next wave


  • Spawns a garden that creates a fruit every 15 seconds


  • +2 Melee Damage
  • 50% chance to deal 1 (300%Melee Damage.png) damage to an enemy when dodging their attack

Spicy Sauce.png

Spicy Sauce
Limited (4)
  • +3 Max HP
  • Consumables have a 25% chance to explode for 5 (50%Max HP.png) damage when picked up


Limited (5)
  • +3 % Crit Chance
  • +20% chance to heal 1 HP when killing an enemy with a critical hit


  • +5 % Dodge
  • 50% chance to heal 5 HP when dodging an attack

Improved Tools.png

Improved Tools
  • +10 % Attack Speed
  • Reduces the attack cooldown of your structures by 0% (50%Attack Speed.png)


  • +25 % XP Gain
  • +100 % XP Gain during the next wave
  • +50 % Enemy damage during the next wave

Silver Bullet.png

Silver Bullet
  • +25% damage against bosses and elites

Bloody Hand.png

Bloody Hand
  • +12 % Life Steal
  • +2 % Damage for every 1 % Life Steal you have
  • You take 1 damage per second (does not give invulnerability time)

Extra Stomach.png

Extra Stomach
  • +1 Max HP when picking up a consumable while at maximum health (max +10 per wave)

Giant Belt.png

Giant Belt
  • Critical hits deal 10% of an enemy’s current health as bonus damage (1% for bosses and elites)

Lucky Coin.png

Lucky Coin
  • +2 Luck for every 1 % Crit Chance you have
  • -2 Armor

Changes to Items

Changes to Item Mechanics

  • Tweaked how damage from luck stacks ( Lucky.png Lucky, Baby Elephant.png Baby Elephant, Cyberball.png Cyberball etc.) (Nerf)
    • Editor Note: explanation from Blobfish (via Discord):
    • Implementation has been tweaked a bit which makes them weaker:
    • Instead of stacking all damage when having multiple, each item's damage is tied to it's proc'ing probability
    • so when you have 3 baby elephants dealing 1 damage each, it used to always deal 3 damage when procing, but now it can deal 1, 2 or 3 damage)
    • Editor note: So they now behave more like Hunting Trophy.


A new enemy is introduced, via the Bait.png Bait item: Enemy 26.png

Enemy Changes

  • Bosses now drop legendary crates (Buff)
  • Flying enemies no longer spawn projectiles when hit by melee weapons (Buff)
    • Editor note: This is a huge buff to the survivability of melee builds
  • Monk elite attacks tweaked
  • Tentacle enemy: drops more materials (Buff)

Misc Changes

  • Fruits now get attracted at the end of a wave
  • Added a button in the Gameplay options to reset them to their default values
  • Increased the minimum distance from the edges of the map where structures can spawn
  • A scrollbar is now displayed when a description is cut off
  • Reworded "Chance for double materials" into "Double Material Chance"



  • Fixed a bug where enemy projectiles were not affected by the difficulties' damage increase (boss projectiles' base damage is decreased to compensate)
  • Fixed a bug where weapon set effects were not properly deserialized when resuming a run after exiting the game
  • Fixed Alien Baby.png Alien Baby being improperly tagged
  • Fixed a bug where Wisdom.png Wisdom would make the % Damage stat go up when hovering it in the level up screen
  • Fixed a bug where the "Recycling" challenge's value wasn't being reset between runs
  • Fixed a bug where enemy projectiles weren't being affected by the "Enemy Damage" accessibility option
  • Fixed a bug where Anvil.png Anvil could upgrade Wildling.png Wildling's weapons past tier II
  • Fixed a bug where some effects were not applied correctly when going back to the weapon selection screen from the difficulty selection screen
  • Fixed a bug where projectile spread was not getting properly deserialized from save files
  • Fixed a bug where the ticks for the last 5 seconds of a wave were slightly desynchronized
  • Fixed a bug where loot aliens sometimes didn't drop materials
  • Fixed a bug where Landmines.png Landmines, Spicy Sauce.png Spicy Sauce and Rip and Tear.png Rip and Tear were not tagged as Explosive
  • Fixed a bug where having the font size at 125% would keep you from selecting a difficulty
  • Fixed a bug where Turrets were being affected by Range
  • Fixed a bug where damage dealt would increase when having less than -100% Damage and negative flat damage
  • Fixed a bug where structures would sometimes not spawn
  • Fixed a bug where turning off the HP bar option while in-game would crash the game
  • Fixed Vigilante Ring.png Vigilante Ring's tracking value



See Patch_0.8.0.3/Modding_Changes for changes that affect modders.