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Brotato Mobile
Mod by ZBEP
Mobile version of Brotato for Android.
Mod Version HF2
Game Version


Mobile version of Brotato that can be played with mobile control inputs on Androids.







  1. Download the .apk file from link
  2. Run file from download manager
  3. Click on "Install"
  4. Wait for the installation
  5. Click on "Open"

Installation mods

You need to download the zip-archive from Steam and, together with the folder in which it is located, place it in /downloads/brotato/Mods/

An example of a Mods folder with three mods

Protected Page

This page can only be edited by mod developers. While this does not guarantee safety, it ensures that the download link has not been altered by malicious parties.

If you are the mod developer, you can contact us at wiki community discord to get editting permissions.

Releases HF2

  • Compiled a mobile version of the game, based on Steam version
  • Added the ability to rotate the screen 180 degrees
  • Changed the path to the game files:
    • Save path: /Downloads/Brotato/
    • Path to mods from Steam: /Downloads/Brotato/Mods/
  • The game now needs to be given permissions to read and write files.


  • Disabled exit from the game by pressing/gesture "back"
  • When you press / gesture "Back" during the game - opens the pause menu
  • Added a clickable link to my site with ports in the credits


  • Compiled a mobile version of the game, based on Steam version
  • I added a joystick and untied it from the left-bottom corner, now you can comfortably play with your right hand.
  • Added a button to return to the main screen when choosing a character and weapons.
  • Added a button to call the menu during the game.
  • Added FPS output.
  • Added mobile version of Extatonion Mod by Psina

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