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Mod by Darkly77
New content from Space Gladiators:
127 items, 6 weapons
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Last Updated
2023-02-15 (15th Feb)


Adds items and weapons from Blobfish's previous game, Space Gladiators (called "SG" here for short).


  • Alpha (current) - Add all the new content. Everything is WIP and subject to change.
  • Beta - All content has been added, and will now be balanced.
  • Stable - The main release. Content is balanced and final.

New Content


127 new items.

View the full set of items here. But I recommend avoiding spoilers!

Note: Items don't affect your appearance. The mod developer is not an artist, all art assets are sourced from Space Gladiators.



7 new weapons:


Name Type Scaling Notes Characters
Alien Arm Melee Melee Damage.pngMax HP.pngHP Regeneration.pngRange Stat.png Spawns worms on hit Well Rounded
Bruiser Fist Melee Melee Damage.pngMax HP.png Fist with sweep attacks Well Rounded, Brawler, Chunky
Cudgel Melee Melee Damage.pngArmor.png Big and slow Well Rounded, Generalist, Mutant, Knight
Nail Bat Melee Life Steal.png Has some innate Life Steal Well Rounded, Doctor, Sick


Name Type Scaling Notes Characters
Clone Ranged Melee Damage.pngRanged Damage.pngElemental Damage.pngEngineering Stat.png Sacrifice Max HP to clone yourself Well Rounded
Demon Stick Ranged Elemental Damage.pngHP Regeneration.png Bounces on crit Well Rounded, Mage, Hunter
Metal Cannon Ranged Ranged Damage.pngEngineering Stat.pngArmor.png Well Rounded, Engineer, Streamer, Multitasker, One-Armed, Generalist



  • Add every item and weapon from Space Gladiators, in some way (eg. some weapons might become items, certain effects might be changed etc.)
  • More emphasis on underused and less-useful stats (HP Regen, Engineering).
  • Give you the choice of power vs. survivability: What will you sacrifice for the chance to snowball into an extremely powerful builds?


The main focus right now is adding all the new content, ie. getting the basic data into the game.

Balancing things will come much later, although feedback is still welcome on the Invasion Discord.

  • Add new items (including Dolls and Pets)
  • Add new weapons
  • Add new characters
  • Make Engineering more useful as a utility stat
  • Make HP Regen more viable

Discord Server

Join the Invasion Discord to give feedback and download early previews. The mod developer (Darkly77) is also available to chat in #modding-dev on the main Space Potatoes Discord.


Subscribe on the Steam Workshop.

Invasion - Steam Workshop

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This page can only be edited by mod developers. While this does not guarantee safety, it ensures that the download link has not been altered by malicious parties.


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Search for "Brotato Invasion" on YouTube.

Some of my favourite streamers are Lynfr and MOBSUNG, who have lots of videos for both Invasion and Brotato mods in general.



0.4.0 (Critters)

  • Major release, including a pre-compiled PCK
  • Introduces critters: Sacrifice a bit of Harvesting to plant them in the ground, and they'll reward you with bonus stats at the end of each wave.
  • 4 new items (critters): Aggressive Critter, Drugged Critter, Explosive Critter, Rich Critter
  • 11 new items (general): Energy Armor, Lost Potato, Nanobug, Pet Food, Voodoo Totem, Barrel, Fruit Bag, Remote Detonator, Coral, Cursed Octopus, Ammo Box
  • Big buffs for the current 3 weapons
  • Released 2022-12-23 (23rd Dec)

0.3.0 (Shields)

  • Preview version, only released on Discord & GitHub
  • Introduces shields, which convert some of the damage you take into temporary stats
  • 4 new items (shields): Bloody Shield, Lucky Shield, Plasma Shield, Siphoning Shield
  • 7 new items (general): Alien Artifact 1, Alien Artifact 2, Alien Hat, Blood Fuel, Lost Soul's Cape, Sir Bronnie's Armor, Metal Boots
  • Lots of item balancing, see the GitHub 0.3.0 release for the full list.
  • Thanks again to Pétra for many item ideas
  • Thanks to RogueAbyss for the encouragement!

0.2.0 (Armor Pieces)

  • Preview version, only released on Discord & GitHub
  • Introduces armor pieces, which give stats based on your current Armor.
  • 4 new items (armor pieces): Devil Armor, Gold Armor, Metal Plate, White Armor
  • 3 new items (general): Backpack, Jumbee, Pants Ant
  • Lots of item balancing, most items have been updated
  • Added a special mod info item that shows the current version and is automatically added
  • Fixed a lot of misplaced item tags
  • Thanks to Pétra for many item ideas


  • Fixed the download for the Multi Mod PCK.
  • Released 2022-12-13 (13th Dec)


  • Initial release on the wiki.
  • Lots of balance tweaks and a few fixes. Changelog is here.
  • Released 2022-12-11 (11th Dec)


  • Initial release on Discord.