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Golden Box
Mod by D.
Golden box that allows you to choose the item you want
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Adds special Golden box that allows you to choose the item you want

Trees have 2% chance to drop

Looters have 20% chance to drop

Other enemies have 0% chance to drop

These chances can be changed in the options




Check if the mod has a steam workshop page.

If not, manual installation steps can be found here.

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  • added a button on the options to disable the vannila box draw back


  • changed the drop system, now instead of the box having a chance to drop, it will have a chance to turn dropped box into golden ones
  • added sliders on the options menu to customize the drop chance
  • changed the back button position on the options menu (ok this one is because I ran out of space so, yeah)


  • now there is a split between normal and golden boxes so you can still get normal items
  • fix the problem that all enemys could drop a golden box, now only trees and the treasure monster can drop it


  • every box that you get will allow you to chose what item you want
  • tree box drop chance changed from 20% to 2%
  • treasure monster box drop chance changed from 100% to 20%
  • changed the box texture

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