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  • Added 2 new characters + 2 new unlocks
  • Added 4 new challenges / achievements
  • Added 3 new weapons
  • Added the Medieval weapon set
  • Replaced Danger II's effect "inflation is higher" with "elites and hordes appear" and Danger IV's effect "enemies drop less materials" with "more elites and hordes appear"
  • Tweaked most waves (especially on Danger 1+)

Character Changes

New Characters:
Artificer and Hunter

Artificer Sheet.png Hunter Sheet.png

  • Chunky
    Chunky => +25% Max HP modifications, +1% Damage for every 3 Max HP, +5 HP healed from consumables, -100% Lifesteal, -50% HP Regeneration and Dodge modifications, -100% Speed modifications, changed starting weapons
  • Soldier
    Soldier: +10% Speed
  • Multitasker
    Multitasker: -6% Damage / weapon => -5%
  • Engineer
    Engineer: landmines no longer spawn grouped up, +50% Engineering modifications => +25%
  • Entrepreneur
    Entrepreneur: -30% Item Price => -25%
  • Ranger
    Ranger: +33% Ranged Damage => +50%, +15% Crit Chance => +0, +100 Range => +50
  • Explorer
    Explorer: can now start with a Hatchet when unlocked
  • Lucky
    Lucky: can now start with Screwdriver

Weapons Changes

New Weapons
Sniper Gun, Crossbow, and Plank

Sniper Gun Sheet.png Crossbow Sheet.png Plank Sheet.png

Item Changes

  • Turrets now also target trees
  • Burning ticks slower

New Items
Explosive Shells

Explosive Shells Sheet.png


  • Warrior Helmet
    Warrior Helmet: -10% Speed => -5%
  • Potato
    Potato: +1% Life steal, +1 Armor, +3% Dodge, price slightly decreased
  • Tractor
    Tractor: price decreased, tier IV => III, +60 Harvesting => +40, -10% Damage => -8%
  • Crown
    Crown: price decreased, tier IV => III, +10 Harvesting => +0, +10% Harvesting interests => +8%
  • Coupon
    Coupon: -6% Item Price => -5%
  • Hunting Trophy
    Hunting Trophy: 50% chance to gain 1 gold on crit kill => 33%
  • Alien Baby
    Alien Baby: +5% Enemy Speed => +8%
  • Snail
    Snail: -10% Enemy Speed => -5%, -5% Speed => -3%, price reduced
  • Ricochet
    Ricochet: -50% Damage => -35%

Set Changes

New Sets

(2)+1 Armor
(3)+1 Armor, +3% Dodge
(4)+2 Armor, +3% Dodge
(5)+2 Armor, +6% Dodge
(6)+3 Armor, +6% Dodge


  • Added 3 elites and 2 enemies
  • Loot aliens now always drop a crate

New Elites

New Enemies


  • Added Italian and Turkish
  • Having negative Luck is less punishing
  • Tweaked most waves (especially on Danger 1+)
  • Tweaked some hitboxes
  • Added an option to keep items locked between shops (instead of unlocking automatically when getting to the next shop)
  • Added an option to remove screen darkening when taking damage
  • Added an option to hide boss health bars
  • Added an option to stop pausing automatically when the game loses focus
  • Added an option to mute the game when it loses focus
  • Added an option to enable manual aiming when pressing the left mouse button
  • Added an option to highlight enemy projectiles
  • Pressing the left mouse button while using the "Mouse Only" mode now makes your character stop


  • The game now automatically uses backup saves if your save is corrupted instead of crashing and recreates a file from your Steam achievements if all of your save files are corrupted
  • Fixed a bug where stat and inventory modifications during the last wave before quitting and resuming a run would be saved
  • Fixed a bug where stats based on other stats (Knight, Speedy) wouldn't get applied on resuming a run
  • Fixed a bug where temporary stats wouldn't be taken into account for stats based on other stats (Knight with Barricade)
  • Fixed a bug where multiple projectiles spawning at the same position would all get destroyed when hitting an enemy directly on top of them
  • Fixed a bug where the player health bar wouldn't be displayed at the beginning of a wave when starting with a Weird Ghost or a Sad Tomato
  • Fixed a bug where you could sometimes get multiple Unique items
  • Fixed a visual bug where the tooltip for HP Regeneration with Doctor wouldn't take into account the doubling effect for displaying it as hp / second
  • Fixed a bug where having negative Luck would sometimes give more chance of finding rare items instead of less
  • Fixed a bug where % Explosion Damage wouldn't apply to Rip and Tear explosions
  • Fixed a bug where Knockback wasn't applied on structures
  • Fixed a bug where Ugly Tooth wasn't applied on bosses
  • Fixed a bug where effects damaging a random enemy wouldn't hit bosses