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Randomizer + Expansion + Hardcore + Babies
Mod by Resinated
Legendary items, more waves, new characters, and more
Mod Version
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Note: The mod's creator has expressed that this mod will not be updated.

  • Custom Darkside Moon theme map
  • Custom Golden Monsters
  • New jobs - Marked as legendary
  • Added score system based on value of the kills
  • Exp is gained from killing not looting
  • Harvesting works as a % stat to boost gold drops
  • Upgraded few items to legendary status - unlocks around wave 12ish
  • New waves from 13-20 added
  • Levels up now give HP-Damage-speed stats
  • New jobs for randomizers
  • Legendary weapons
  • Custom wave code to make waves more exciting
  • Eatable babies
  • Tons of characters to play
  • Higher tier traits on level ups

See also: Original Steam Post



Check if the mod has a steam workshop page.

If not, manual installation steps can be found here.

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  • Fixed spear crash
  • Level up now have 4 options
  • Fixed end mobs not dying and causing a lot of lag


  • Fixed more shop glitches


  • Shops now sell 4 items
  • Shops now have random prices on items 50-150%
  • Mobs now spawn in bigger groups based on number of mobs -mod
  • Fixed shop glitch with 0/1 weapons when combining items


  • Fixed and recoded a lot of bugs
  • Eaves are now shorter and harder
  • Drops are now progressive at waves 4-8-12-16


  • Removed blood effects - too much lag
  • Added new godly and mythic hammers
  • Adjustments to help reduce more lag issues


  • Re-balanced waves to be short but harder
  • Removed baby and rico due to memory leak issues with projectiles
  • Fixed crash in shop with GOLDEN items
  • Fixed crash when no mythic items were buyable in shop
  • Added new tier traits for level ups
  • level ups now have FIXED tiers based on your level
  • Added new upgrades
  • Shops are 100% RANDOM with all items any wave

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