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Mod by Psina
43 new items
39 new weapons
6 new weapon classes
6 new characters
7 new upgrades
Mod Version
Game Version
Last Updated
2023-01-07 (Jan 7th)


Extatonion Official Server

I just created a server for my mod, where I will write news about the mod and make notifications about updates. Also there you can get early access to unfinished new versions of the mod and help balance them before they are released. If you like my mod, you can join the server:


43 new items:

Blanket, Firefly, Rick The Cube, Vurtfish, Ancient Altar, John's Coat, Not A Rat, Peter's Trap, Skal's Firework, Tijoe Mask, Plague Mask, Ultra Mush, Heisenberg, Chainsaw Man, Brun's Badge, Patriotism, Abaddon, Gabriel's Gloves, Scalding Blanket, Chaos, Investments, John's Contract, Olexa Mantle, Orb Of Chaos, Swarm, Rhino's Relic, Monk's Relic, Chest Of Gold, Tank Muzzle, Libra, Dami's Plushie, Magical Plant, Slashing Turret, Drone, Spiky Ball, Ancient artifact, Modding guide, June's Tail, Robotics, Squirrel Card, Ourohands, Mansion Super Fan, Meat Amulet, Soldier Bot.

View the items from 1.4 here


39 new weapons:

Flare gun, USP, FN F2000, Headshotter, Leafy's machinegun, Fighting spirit, Friendly alien, Lil brotato, Dark magic book, Javelin, Locust spreader, Eye gun, Staff of abundance, Knife of abundance, Taxes, Severed hand, Armageddon, Bee hive, Meat club, Attractive spirit, Necro raccoon, Dice gun, Katana, Paladin sword, Power-hammer, Butcher's relic, M4A1-S, Pitchfork, Grenade launcher, Bow, Knife thrower, Vasilek's bow, Click Fingers, Meat Inspector, Staff of Brotatoes, Big Spoon, Staff of Cobras, Drone Controller, Slimy Club.

Mod-Extatonion-flare gun.png

Flare Gun

Mod-Extatonion-fn f.png

FN F2000
Mod-Extatonion-sniper rifle.png

Mod-Extatonion-leafys machinegun.png

Leafy's Machinegun
Mod-Extatonion-fighting spirit.png

Fighting Spirit
Mod-Extatonion-friendly alien.png

Friendly Alien
Mod-Extatonion-lil brotato.png

Lil Brotato
Mod-Extatonion-dark magic.png

Dark Magic Book

Mod-Extatonion-locust gun.png

Locust Spreader
Mod-Extatonion-eye gun.png

Eye Gun
Mod-Extatonion-staff of abundance.png

Staff Of Abundance
Mod-Extatonion-knife of abundance.png

Knife Of Abundance

Mod-Extatonion-cutted off hand.png

Severed Hand

Mod-Extatonion-bee hive.png

Bee Hive
Mod-Extatonion-eye club.png

Meat Club
Mod-Extatonion-attractive spirit.png

Attractive Spirit

Necro Raccoon
Mod-Extatonion-dice gun.png

Dice Gun

Mod-Extatonion-paladin sword.png

Paladin Sword

Mod-Extatonion-butchers relic.png

Butcher's Relic
Mod-Extatonion-bow icon.png

Mod-Extatonion-vasileks bow icon.png

Vasilek's Bow
Mod-Extatonion-click fingers icon.png

Click Fingers
Mod-Extatonion-knife thrower icon.png

Knife Thrower
Mod-Extatonion-m4a1 s icon.png

Mod-Extatonion-pitchfork icon.png

Mod-Extatonion-grenade launcher icon.png

Grenade Launcher
Mod-Extatonion-meat inspector icon.png

Meat Inspector
Mod-Extatonion-staff of brotatoes icon.png

Staff of Brotatoes
Mod-Extatonion-big spoon icon.png

Big Spoon
Mod-Extatonion-staff of cobras icon.png

Staff of Cobras
Mod-Extatonion-controller icon.png

Drone Controller
Mod-Extatonion-slimy club icon.png

Slimy Club

Weapon Classes

6 new weapon classes:

  • Biological (+2/3/4/5/6 Max HP, +0/0/0/3/4 Armor)
  • Homing (+2/3/4/5/6 Luck)
  • Insect (+1/1/2/2/3% Life Steal, +1/2/3/4/5% Speed)
  • Slashing (+1/2/3/4/5% Attack Speed, +1/2/3/4/5 Melee Damage)
  • Summon (+1/2/2/3/3 Elemental Damage, +0/1/2/2/3 Engineering)
  • Tactical (+35/50/65/90/110 Range, -1/2/4/5/6 Speed)


6 new characters: Beelzebub, Agent, Peasant, Summoner, Long Arms, Glitched



  • +20% Attack Speed with Insect weapons
  • Projectiles pierce through 1 additional target
  • One bullet dealing 1 (10% Ranged Damage.png) damage is fired from an enemy corpse when they die
  • -8 Max HP (ie. 1 HP total)
  • -35% Max HP modifications


  • 100% chance to gain 1 material when killing an enemy with a critical hit
  • -1000% materials dropped
  • -100 Harvesting when you take damage, until the end of the wave
  • +10% XP Gain
  • +7 Damage with Tactical weapons
  • +100% Crit Chance
  • -100% Dodge
  • -50% Attack Speed

Mod-Extatonion-peasant icon.png

  • +7 Damage with Medieval weapons
  • -100 Elemental Damage
  • +1 Melee Damage for every 15 Harvesting you have
  • +1 Ranged Damage for every 10 Luck you have
  • -100 Damage with Gun weapons

Mod-Extatonion-summoner icon.png

  • +100 % Attack Speed with Summon weapons
  • -70 % Attack Speed
  • -100 Engineering
  • +100% Enemies
  • Elemental Damage modifications are increased by 35%
  • -5 Armor

Mod-Extatonion-long arms icon.png

Long Arms
  • +999 Range
  • -70 % Attack Speed
  • % Attack Speed modifications are reduced by 50%
  • You can't equip ranged weapons
Bonus Character

Mod-Extatonion-administrator icon.png

  • Has all the new weapons as starting weapons for you to try out



CharacterDanger 0 Danger 5
Mod-Extatonion-beelzebub.png Beelzebub Mod-Extatonion-swarm icon.png Swarm Mod-Extatonion-tank muzzle icon.png Tank Muzzle
Mod-Extatonion-agent.png Agent Mod-Extatonion-johns contract icon.png John's Contract Mod-Extatonion-m4a1 s icon.png M4A1-S
Mod-Extatonion-peasant icon.png Peasant Mod-Extatonion-magical plant icon.png Magical Plant Mod-Extatonion-vasileks bow icon.png Vasilek's Bow
Mod-Extatonion-summoner icon.png Summoner Mod-Extatonion-slimy club icon.png Slimy Club Mod-Extatonion-squirrel card icon.png Squirrel Card
Mod-Extatonion-long arms icon.png Long Arms Mod-Extatonion-ourohands icon.png Ourohands Mod-Extatonion-super fan icon.png Mansion Super Fan


Character Danger 5
Brawler.png Brawler Mod-Extatonion-click fingers icon.png Click Fingers
Chunky.png Chunky Mod-Extatonion-meat amulet icon.png Meat Amulet
Crazy.png Crazy Mod-Extatonion-knife thrower icon.png Knife Thrower
Engineer.png Engineer Mod-Extatonion-soldier bot icon.png Soldier Bot
Well Rounded.png Well Rounded Mod-Extatonion-libra icon.png Libra


7 new upgrades:

  • Enemy Speed (-2/-3/-4%) - "Tentacles"
  • Explosive Damage (+3/5/7%) - "Horns"
  • Less Enemies (-1/3/5%) - "Eyelashes"
  • Pickup Range (15/25/35%) - "Tongue"
  • Shop Discount (-1/3/5%) - "Beautiful Smile"
  • XP Gain (+10/15/20%) - "Wisdom Tooth"
  • More Enemies (+3/5%) - "Ugly Growths"


Extatonion Download


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If not, manual installation steps can be found here.

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Mod-extatonion-items.png Mod-Extatonion-Screenshot-Title-Screen.png Mod-Extatonion-Screenshot-Character-Select.png



  • Rebalance:
    • Buffed Long Arms, Necro Raccoon, Squirrel Card, Drone Controller, Drone
    • Nerfed Libra
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed Beelzebub description
    • Fixed that Long Arms didn't get unlock for completing D0
    • Fixed knife of abundance combining bug
    • Returned starting weapons from the mod to regular characters


  • Updated game version to
  • New D5 unlocks:
    • For Summoner, Long Arms, Chunky, Engineer
  • 2 new characters:
    • Summoner, Long Arms
    • (and unlocks for winning with them)
  • 6 new weapons (including true summons)
    • Meat Inspector, Staff of Brotatoes, Big Spoon, Staff of Cobras, Drone Controller, Slimy Club
  • 9 new items:
    • Ancient artifact, Modding guide, June's Tail, Robotics, Squirrel Card, Ourohands, Mansion Super Fan, Meat Amulet, Soldier Bot
  • Fixes and rebalance:
    • Fixed pitchforks combining bug
    • Buffed Beelzebub and nerfed Peasant
    • Buffed Eye Gun and his upgrades
    • Administrator renamed to Glitched and resprited
    • Fixed tier 3 Butcher's relic
    • Rebalanced items and weapons (Chaos, Rhino's Relic, Necro raccoon, Abaddon, Spiky Ball, Tijoe Mask, Libra)
    • Reworked summon class bonuses
    • Changed weapon class of all weapons with the summon class that were added before 1.4
    • fixed that gabriel's gloves and Tank Muzzle was not appearing in the game
  • Released Jan 5th 2023 (2023-01-05)


  • 3 new items: Slashing Turret, Drone, Spiky Ball
  • 1 new upgrade: Ugly Growths
  • New menu
  • Butcher's Relic now has tier 3 variant.
  • Reworked all Slashing weapons. Now their attack is attracted to enemies at a short distance and only then cuts.
  • Balance Changes:
    • Rebalanced items: Chaos, Extra Onion, Brun's Badge, Swarm, Chest Of Gold, Tijoe Mask
    • Upgrades: Horns, eyelashes and tongue upgrades buffed
    • Upgrades: Eyelashes are now less common.
    • Nerfed Locust Spreader
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed Saver starting with Libra
    • Fixed some display bugs
    • Taser was broken in the mod, now it's fixed
  • Discord release post
  • Released Dec 4th 2022 (2022-12-04)


  • 1 new character, Peasant and his unlocks
  • Unlocks for winning on the fifth difficulty
    • Applies to: Agent, Beelzebub, Peasant, Well-rounded, Brawler and Crazy
    • In future updates, all characters will receive an unlock for winning on the fifth difficulty
  • 4 new items (Tank muzzle, Libra, Dami's plushie, Magical plant)
  • 6 new weapons (M4A1-S, Pitchfork, Grenade launcher, Bow, Knife thrower, Vasilek's bow, Click Fingers)
  • Rebalance and fixes:
    • Insect turret now scales with engineering
    • Fixed display bug on "mimicry" item
    • Fixed that katana could not be upgraded to tier 4
    • Reworked Grom's coupon item
  • Released Nov 16th 2022 (2022-11-16)


  • Global rebalancing again
  • Released Nov 9th 2022


  • Global rebalancing of characters, items, weapons and upgrades
  • Resprited some items to be more fitting to the game
  • 4 new items (Mimicry, Grom's coupon, Extra onion, Insect turret)
  • Released Nov 8th 2022


  • Fixed imbalance upgrades
  • Fixed classes of some weapons
  • Fixed some display bugs
  • Released Nov 5th 2022


  • Some weapons rebalanced
  • 1 new weapon class (slashing)
  • Beelzebub and Agent now has unlocks for winning with them
  • 9 new items (Chaos, Investments, John's contract, Olexa mantle, Orb of chaos, Swarm, Rhino's relic, Monk's relic, Chest of gold)
  • 5 new weapons (Dice gun, Katana, Paladin sword, Power-hammer, Butcher's relic)


  • When transferring the mod to a new version of the game, several unpleasant bugs appeared. This patch fixes them.
  • Changes:
  • Bugfixes
  • Fixed display of new characters in character selection
  • 1 new character, Agent
  • 2 new weapons, Attractive spirit and Necro raccoon
  • Beelzebub buffed


  • Updated to
  • 1 new character, Beelzebub
  • 1 new item, scalding blanket
  • 2 new weapons, bee hive and meat club
  • 2 new weapon classes, biological and insect
  • Changed locust spreader sound
  • Rebalance in some items and weapons
  • Javelin now tactical class


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