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Mod by Darkly77
Edit debug settings with a JSON, including starting weapons/items/wave
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2022-12-23 (Dec 2nd)


Set debug options via a JSON file, including initial weapons and items, starting wave, and materials.

Developed to help modders test new content.

The Github page has all the info for this mod, including the available options for the debug.json file.

You can also look up weapon/item IDs here.

Warning: Any weapons added (via debug_weapons) will be added at the start of every round, as this feature was only intended to be a quick test for weapons. This is vanilla behaviour, so it can't be modified via this drop-in script.

Example JSON

For example, start on wave 6, with a single tier 4 Rock.png Rock, and 10 Gentle Alien.png Gentle Alien:

	"debug_weapons": [
	"debug_items": [
	"starting_wave": 6,
	"starting_gold": 30,
	"invulnerable": false,
	"instant_waves": false,
	"add_all_items": false,
	"add_all_weapons": false,
	"unlock_all_chars": false,
	"unlock_all_difficulties": false,
	"no_weapons": false,
	"load_from": "debug.json"


Full PCK

For players. The full standalone PCK. Includes dami's multi mod support. Game version:


For modders. Tiny dropin script to autoload, plus example JSONs.

View on Github

Supported Mods

DebugLoader includes dami's multi mod support script, so it can load any mod that's built for the multi mod script. See Resources in the GitHub repo for dami's multi mod support.


Installation steps can be found here.

Note: You also need to add a folder called "debug" in your game folder, and put the debug.json file into it. Edit that JSON file to change things. See the GitHub page for full options.

Protected Page

This page can only be edited by mod developers. While this does not guarantee safety, it ensures that the download link has not been altered by malicious parties.




  • PCK Update
  • Update PCK to include latest version of dami's Multi Mod (1.1.0)
  • Released 2022-12-22 (Dec 22nd)

  • PCK Update
  • Updated PCK to latest game version (
  • Released 2022-11-12 (Dec 11th)


  • New option: load_from
  • Built a pre-compiled bundle with multi mod
  • Released 2022-11-22 (Nov 22nd)


  • First release on Discord
  • Released 2022-11-21 (Nov 21st)


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