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dami's Overhaul Mod
Mod by dami
Super upgrades - Legendaries - Burn Overhaul - Atk speed - QoL
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Super upgrades - Legendaries - Burn Overhaul - Atk speed - QoL

  • Weapon animations were tweaked to be included in the weapon cooldown, rather than it starting after the animation is finished.
    • This means that weapons cooldown starts at the same time at their animation and thus is much closer to what is stated in their description
  • Burning was reworked to allow multiple sources to stack. The base numbers and scaling on most things applying burn was tuned down to match this change.
  • You get to choose special upgrades after waves 5, 8, 12 and 16. Consequently, the enemy scaling has been buffed. Leveling up also buffs enemy number and hp.
  • More weapons have been added, some of which can apply burning : fire greatsword, fireball, grenade, boomerang and shiv.
  • All base weapons have legendary tier versions obtained by combining rares.
  • You get 1 maximum legendary, then 1 more after waves 9 and 15

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Installation steps can be found here.

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  • Fixed a bug where grenade would explode too soon and repeatedly


  • Base enemies become meaner after wave 12
  • No damage text option for performance (useful with cactus and babies mainly)


  • New legendaries for cactus mace
  • Second legendary fist and shiv


  • New knife and lightning shiv legendaries
  • Fixed the bug where enemy would disappear on hit but still be alive
  • Fixed the bug where the extra ammo super upgrade could show up twice
  • Added the hit effects back in, hopefully they shouldn't tank fps too hard


  • Various tweaks for the pistol upgrades and the big gun. should be stronger overall
  • Fixed the bug where dying enemies wouldn't play the death animation
  • Buffed the ranger's HP, nerfed the sniper super upgrade


  • Very cool seamless character and weapon selection screens
  • Fixed a bug where spear would not swipe with the pikeman upgrade
  • Increase the inflation on each wave (still lower than vanilla)


  • 3 more legendaries: pistol, rock and spear
  • Fixed a bug where bullets would disappear


  • More performance improvements, now almost as fast as sanic the edgedog
  • New smg legendaries


  • New stick and hand legendaries


  • Bunch of performance fixes. should lag a lot less than last patch
  • SMGs cooldown slightly nerfed
  • Can get multiple legendaries: 1 at base then +1 at waves 9 and 15. average's super upgrade doubles that for up to 6 legendaries


  • New taser legendaries. new mechanic : electrify damage is triggered everytime the enemy is hit. executes them when above a certain threshold
  • Tweaked brawler's on-dodge attack speed buff to be stronger but temporary
  • Changed the wording on the dodge cap buffs


  • Reduced waves length and overall run duration
  • New grenade legendaries
  • Nerfed burned spread because it killed performance as is


  • Added waves 13 to 20
  • New weapon : grenade (idea by Feniquis), legendaries coming soon
  • New shotgun legendaries
  • New character : Graves (definitely not from league) along with his own super upgrades


  • A bunch of balance changes on enemy scaling and super upgrades
  • 15 starting max hp
  • Sound fixes


  • Enemies scale harder
  • New mechanic : super upgrades. you can get one after waves 5 and 8
  • New weapon : shiv. bleeds enemies.
  • Dodge cap raised to 80%. some super upgrades can raise it higher
  • Harvesting now also increases tree spawn chance


  • Super cool home screen


  • Multiple copies of an item are grouped together in the inventory


  • Second fireball legendary, second torch legendary
  • Polished the greatsword and fireball animations
  • A bunch of balance changes


  • Tweaked ranged weapons cooldown the same way i did melee
  • Fixed legendary torch effect
  • Super cool explosion for the wand second legendary
  • French translation
  • Brotaro scaling was changed


  • Reworked fireball visuals
  • Shop has 4 items
  • Second greatsword legendary
  • New wand legendaries


  • New fist legendary
  • New fists animation, only for attack speed enjoyers
  • Nerfed brawler
  • Updated greatsword visuals
  • Updated legendary greatsword visuals


  • fixes the legendary effect for torch and greatsword
  • adds some optimization and vanilla ui fixes


  • Various balance changes
  • Legendary greatsword, torch and fireball
  • Burning now spreads more evenly
  • Burning numbers on a single enemy are added together for better performance and clarity


  • New legendary fire greatsword
  • Visual changes on trails
  • Better animation of fireball


  • Atk speed modifier now affects both melee cooldown and animation. weapon speed does nothing
  • Burning can stack. burning scaling is reduced to 25% of elemental damage.
  • 2 burning-related items
  • 2 characters: Jotaro and Pyromaniac
  • 2 new fire melee weapons
  • Reworked animation for the torch and hammer
  • Changed coffee
  • Fixed negative regen causing damage and negative hp
  • Hunting trophy is unique
  • Crazy and mage were nerfed (sorry)
  • Trails on melee weapons

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