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+5% Damage when you take damage until the end of the wave
+10 Max HP
+20 HP Regeneration
+8 Armor
-100% Damage
Unlocked By
Win a run in Danger 3


Masochist is a playable character in the game. Individual characters differ in their Stats and traits, to encourage a variety of play styles in Brotato.

How to Unlock

Win a run in Danger 3


Unlocks Spiky Shield if you win a game with Masochist:

Starting Weapons

Masochist has wide combinations of Melee Damage, Ranged Damage, and Armor scaling weapons. However, doesn't have any Elemental Damage weapons.

They are also one of the few Characters who can start with an Medical weapons.

General Guide


The Masochist begins with -100% Damage, meaning that most weapons will deal only 1 damage until the player takes enough hits to stack the +5% damage buff.

Taking 20 hits (regardless of how much damage each hit deals) will completely offset this initial downside with +100% Damage. Additional hits taken beyond this point will continue to stack the Damage bonus into the positives.

It is better to be hit by Enemies that deal low damage. Such as: Simple Boi.png


The following stats will help to mitigate damage taken from enemies while intentionally taking hits:

  • Max HP increases the amount of damage that can be taken.
  • HP Regeneration and Life Steal increase HP recovery.
    • Luck will increase the rate of health pickup drops from Enemies - another effective but less reliable source of HP recovery.
  • Armor is very important to reduce the damage taken from each hit.
  • Dodge can be helpful to reduce the frequency of hits taken, but will also reduce the rate at which Damage will be stacked.
    • Ideally, Dodge should be kept as low as possible unless Blood Donation has been acquired while other defensive stats should be prioritized.

Turrets and mines are not affected by the Damage stat. This means that their damage will not be reduced by the initial -100% Damage debuff, but they will also not benefit from the Damage buff received when taking damage.


Item Effects Notes
+40 Harvesting
You take 1 damage per second (does not give invulnerability time)
Blood Donation deals 1 damage to the player every second while giving +40 to Harvesting.

The damage dealt by Blood Donation will trigger the Masochist's passive effect, providing +5% Damage every second when it triggers. This provides a way to quickly stack Damage each wave while taking significantly less damage to do so. For comparison, the rate at which the Masochist's Damage increases with Blood Donation will be five times the rate provided by Wisdom, completely counteracting the initial -100% Damage debuff within the first 20 seconds of each wave and adding an additional +100% Damage for each additional 20 seconds that pass.

The first 10 points of HP Regeneration will provide enough HP recovery to offset Blood Donation's damage, and the Masochist begins with 20 - making it safe to purchase at any time. Once acquired, investing in Dodge may also become more valuable to reduce how many hits are taken from Enemies since the damage from Blood Donation cannot be dodged and will provide a sizable boost on its own.

Obtaining a second Blood Donation will not increase the rate at which Damage increases but will increase the damage taken each second to 2 while providing another +40 Harvesting.