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+3% of your materials per second while standing still (+25 max)
+40% Damage while moving
+40% Attack Speed while moving
+2 Armor for every 1 Structure you have
-50% materials dropped
-1% Damage for every 15 Materials you have
-1% Speed for every 30 Materials you have
Unlocked By
Reach -20% Speed


Streamer is a playable character in the game. Individual characters differ in their Stats and traits, to encourage a variety of play styles in Brotato.

How to Unlock

Reach -20% Speed


Unlocks Community Support if you win a game with Streamer:


Streamer.png Streamer gains +2 armor for each Structure granting weapon and item you have, including Wandering Bot.png Wandering Bot. With Landmines.png Landmines the +2 armor is from the item itself, not for each mine on the field.

The timer for 'standing still' resets each time you move, so you always need to stand still for a full second before you make any money.

Generated Materials

Streamer generates +1 materials per second after holding 67 materials. After this, they gain an additional +1 at every *34, *67, and *00. Here are the first few breakpoints, as an example:

Materials Held 0 67 100 134 167 200 234 267 300
Materials Gained p/sec +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9

The maximum generated materials of 25 p/sec would require holding 834 materials.

Starting Weapons

Streamer is the Character that has the widest range of starting weapons. They are also one of the few Characters who can start with an Ethereal weapon.

Streamer has all scaling type weapons: