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In Brotato you can increase your Max HPMax HP.png to increase the amount of damage you can take before you die. However, if you want want to survive the all the damage you take throughout a wave, you'll need sustainability rather than just more Max HP. This sustainability is found through healing.

For example you can take a tier II Max HP Upgrade to gain 6 Max HP, or a tier II HP Regeneration HP Regeneration.png to gain 3 HP Regeneration. The 3 HP regeneration can heal you up to about 16 HP over the duration of a 60 seconds wave. This beats out 6 Max HP at long as you're not at full HP for the majority of the wave.

There are three main ways of healing, and several miscellaneous healing methods that can be found through items. The three main ways are HP Regeneration HP Regeneration.png, Life Steal Life Steal.png, and Consumables Fruit.png. Each way of healing have their upsides and weaknesses.

HP Regeneration HP Regeneration.png

HP Regeneration is consistant and reliable. It always heals at a steady pace no matter the situation. But if things get tough, the healing stays the same.

The weakness of HP Regeneration is the backside of its strength: If you are full HP for the most of the wave and suddenly take a large amount of damage, HP Regeneration will only slowly heal you back up.

HP Regeneration has several powerful items that rewards you for going HP Regen, or pulls you into it: Medikit.png Medikit, Regeneration Potion.png Regeneration Potion, Fairy.png Fairy, Shackles.png Shackles, Sad Tomato.png Sad Tomato

Life Steal Life Steal.png

Life Steal is cheap and scales with the intensity of battle. Life steal has a chance to heal you 1 HP you when you hit an enemy, so you get more healing with faster attacking weapons, such as SMG.png SMG, and when there are more enemies to hit. However, while life steal is great in battle, it doesn't do much outside of it. If you aren't hitting enemies, you're not healing. This can be troublesome for melee builds especially if you're forced to run with low HP and can't stay in battle.

The most efficient way to gain life steal tends to be through items, rather than upgrades. If you have a good amount of life steal, look for Bloody Hand.png Bloody Hand as a payoff for the build.

You can scale your life steal by increasing the amount of hit you do. This can be done by increasing your Attack Speed Attack Speed.png Stat or by getting an item like Bandana.png Bandana, which grants additional piercing to your projectiles.

Consumables Fruit.png

Consumables can be saved up for large bursts of healing. You can leave consumables on the ground until you need them. The downside is that consumables can be unreliable. Maybe you get unlucky and few consumables drop. Maybe the consumables dropped on the other side of the map and you can't get to them when you need to.

For consumables, you want to increase the amount of healing, which can be done by Lemonade.png Lemonade, Weird Food.png Weird Food, and Chopper.png Chopper

And you want to increase the amount of Consumables dropped, which can be done by increasing your Luck Luck.png Stat. The Garden.png Garden item and Pruner.png Pruner spawns small gardens that produce consumable fruits over the duration of the wave.

If you're relying on consumables for your healing, you might consider increasing your Pickup range slightly with items such as Alien Tongue.png Alien Tongue or Little Frog.png Little Frog.

Secondary Healing Methods

Aside from the main methods of healing, there are several items that can allow you to heal by other means. Secondary Healing methods can be a nice addition to your other healing, and can be especially important for characters like Chunky.png Chunky, who can only make good use of Consumables otherwise, and Bull.png Bull, who often is happy to take all the healing they can get.

Torture.png Torture is Unique in that it replaces all your other forms of healing with a +4 per second.

Name Rarity Effects Base Price Limit Unlocked By
Tier 3 +5 % Dodge
50% chance to heal 5 HP when dodging an attack
60 1
Tier 1 +8% chance to heal 1 HP when picking up a material
-1 Ranged Damage
25 13
Tier 2 +3 % Crit Chance
+20% chance to heal 1 HP when killing an enemy with a critical hit
32 5 Win a run with Lich
Tier 4 +15 Max HP
Restore +4 HP per second. Cannot heal any other way.
110 1
Tier 2 Spawns a medical turret that shoots projectiles healing 3 + (5%Engineering Stat.png) HP every 2.2s. 40


It can be useful to determine which healing methods you plan on using already early in the game. Since having negative HP Regeneration or Life Steal has no consequences for going below 0, choosing one of the stats to dump, allows you to buy powerful items which has negative HP regeneration or Life Steal as a downside.

So the big question for many build is: Life Steal or HP Regeneration? Since HP Regeneration always works, it is a good idea to look at cases where Life steal doesn't work.

  • Explosions can't trigger Life Steal. So if you're using Plasma Sledgehammer.png Plasma Sledgehammer or Nuclear Launcher.png Nuclear Launcher as your weapons, Life Steal won't be providing you a lot of healing.
  • Life Steal can't heal you if you're not attacking. Melee builds might find themselves not healing a lot with life steal during elite and boss waves, since they're only hitting a single target, and if they spend time avoiding projectiles instead of fighting.
  • Slow weapons such as Laser Gun.png Laser Gun or Hammer.png Hammer tend to kill enemies in a single hit, and attacks slowly. So they won't triggering Life Steal very often.
  • Engineering Builds using Wrench.png Wrench and Screwdriver.png Screwdriver tend to do few actual hit with the weapons compared to most other builds, and like to run around while enemies are killed by Turrets and Landmines.

So if you're in one of those cases, you might want to go for HP regeneration. Maybe you get a powerful item early such as Shady Potion.png Shady Potion and the negative -2 HP Regeneration pushes you away from HP Regeneration. Or you could find a Plant.png Plant and a Lure.png Lure early and suddenly you're on your way to stack HP Regeneration.

Consumables drop for every build. And no characters except Gladiator.png Gladiator have issues getting their Luck stat up. So consumables tend to provide a baseline of healing for most builds. Builds with tons of Luck and additional Consumable Healing can often entirely rely on consumables for healing.

Glass Cannon builds - Builds that neglect defenses for extra damage, often tend to not take a large amount of damage, since the damage output keeps them safe. So consumables offer enough healing for them, and provides healing in a nice burst that keeps you safe.

The Items that provide healing tend to have situations where they are great. They tend to be supplimenting your healing, but can in some cases be your main healing strategy in cases such as: Torture, Multiple Medical Turrets in engineering builds, and multiple Tentacles with 100% crit.

  • Adrenaline.png Adrenaline is very powerful if you're investing in Dodge. If you have 60% dodge, the 5 Healing likely trigger multiple times as your HP goes from 100% to 0% and you die. This is a lot of healing at a cheap price.
  • Tentacle.png Tentacle provides healing on kill. Tentacles can be a great source of healing if you're doing a critical hit build, for example using Precise Weapons.
  • Cute Monkey.png Cute Monkey tends to be a decent pickup for extra healing for builds that don't use Ranged Damage. Builds that fight in melee range especially benefit, since they have an easier time picking up materials during a fight.
  • Medical Turret.png Medical Turret is great for Engineering Builds, and can be an option if you're in need for more healing. However, the limited range of the turret can cause you to dance around the turret instead of being able to use the entire map to evade enemies.
  • Torture.png Torture is a Unique legendary item that provides a large amount of Max HP and Healing - 4 HP per second. However it prevents you using any other sources of healing. It can be super powerful if you find it early and before you have invested heavily in other methods of Healing.


These Characters Have mechanics that include Healing:

Name Stats Unlocked By Unlocks
Max HP modifications are increased by 25%
+1% Damage for every 3 Max HP you have [+3]
+3 HP recovered from consumables
-100% Life Steal
HP Regeneration modifications are reduced by 50%
Dodge modifications are reduced by 50%
Speed modifications are reduced by 100%
Die for the first time
More trees spawn (+6)
Gain 12 material and XP for every living tree at the end of a wave
+3 HP Regeneration for every current living tree
Dodge is capped at 70%
+3 Attack Speed until the end of the wave when you dodge an attack
-100 % Life Steal
-100 Range
-50% materials dropped from enemies
Finish a wave with 10 or more living trees
+30% Life Steal with Primitive weapons
You start with 1 Stick
You can't equip weapons above tier 2
Kill 10000 enemies
+12 Max HP
+25% Life Steal
You take 1 damage per second (does not give invulnerability time)
-100 HP Regeneration
Reach -5 % HP Regeneration
+200% Attack Speed with Medical weapons
+5 HP Regeneration
HP Regeneration is doubled
+5 Harvesting
-100% Attack Speed
Armor modifications are reduced by 50%
Heal 200 HP in one wave
+10 HP Regeneration
+10 % Life Steal
100% chance to deal 10 (Max HP.png) damage to a random enemy when you heal
Damage modifications are reduced by 50%
Reach +100 Max HP
+20 Max HP
+15 HP Regeneration
+10 Armor
HP Regeneration modifications are increased by 50%
You explode for 30 (300%Melee Damage.png 300%Ranged Damage.png 300%Elemental Damage.png) damage when you take damage
This explosion has a 1.5x crit multiplier
You can't equip weapons
Win a run in Danger 1
+5% Damage when you take damage until the end of the wave
+10 Max HP
+20 HP Regeneration
+8 Armor
-100% Damage
Win a run in Danger 3
+20 Max HP
Max HP modifications are increased by 33%
Armor modifications are increased by 33%
+40 % Attack Speed when you have less than 50% health
+20 % Speed when you have less than 50% health
You can't heal in any way
Finish a wave with 1 HP