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Damage: 15(100%Ranged Damage.png)
20(130%Ranged Damage.png)
25(165%Ranged Damage.png)
40(200%Ranged Damage.png)
Attack Speed: 0.43s / 0.42s / 0.4s / 0.38s
DPS: 21.3(142%Ranged Damage.png)/s
29.8(194%Ranged Damage.png)/s
39.5(261%Ranged Damage.png)/s
67.2(336%Ranged Damage.png)/s
Crit Chance / Damage: x2 (3%) / x2 (3%) / x2 (3%) / x2 (3%)
Range: 450 / 450 / 450 / 450
Knockback: 15 / 15 / 15 / 15
Lifesteal: 0 / 0 / 0 / 0
Attack Type: -
Special Effects: Every 6th shot has a longer cooldown: 2.07s/1.93s/1.80s/1.67s (NOTE: the in-game tooltip is wrong)


Revolver is a weapon that can be bought from the Shop. Weapons are primary damage dealers and most Characters can hold up to 6 weapons.

Revolver is a Ranged Weapon. Ranged weapons shoot projectiles that travel up to the total Range. Unless the weapon has piercing, the projectiles stop at the first enemy that is hit.


The Revolver has to reload every time it has fired 6 shots. This reload time is about 4-5 times the normal cooldown (the in-game tooltip will say it is 8 times the cooldown, but this is incorrect), and scales with Weapon Tier and Attack Speed.

The average cooldown is: 0.70s/0.67s/0.63s/0.60s

The listed DPS of this weapon includes the reload cooldown.


Revolver has the Weapon Class(es) of: Gun.

Weapons in the same class gain bonuses, and are more likely to be found in the Shop.

Class Bonuses Weapons
Gun (2)+10 Range
(3)+20 Range
(4)+30 Range
(5)+40 Range
(6)+50 Range