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Circular Saw.png
Circular Saw
Damage: -
10(100%Melee Damage.png)
15(100%Melee Damage.png)
25(100%Melee Damage.png)
Attack Speed: - / 0.72s / 0.67s / 0.62s
DPS: -
13.9(138%Melee Damage.png)/s
22.4(149%Melee Damage.png)/s
40.3(161%Melee Damage.png)/s
Crit Chance / Damage: - / x2 (5%) / x2 (10%) / x2 (20%)
Range: - / 175 / 175 / 175
Knockback: - / 0 / 0 / 0
Lifesteal: - / 45% / 50% / 60%
Attack Type: Sweep

Circular Saw

Circular Saw is a weapon that can be bought from the Shop. Weapons are primary damage dealers and most Characters can hold up to 6 weapons.

Circular Saw is a Melee Weapon. Melee weapons have two different attack types, thrust and swing, both are capable of hitting multiple enemies. Melee weapons' Range only increases or decreases by half the amount of your Range stat. The attack speed of melee weapons depends on their range. Increasing the range slightly decreases the Attack Speed, but increases the area hit by the weapon. Negative range has the inverse effect.


The Circular Saw is a powerful weapon, which lowest level is tier 2. The only one that can start with the Circular Saw is King, beside that it can be found in shop. The Circular Saw come with innate Life Steal. In addition, both of its weapon classes, Blade and Medical, also come with Life steal and HP Regeneration.

The low base damage, but high melee scaling means that having some Melee Damage is important for dealing damage with the Circular Saw.


Circular Saw has the Weapon Class(es) of: Blade, Medical.

Weapons in the same class gain bonuses, and are more likely to be found in the Shop.

Class Bonuses Weapons
Blade (2)+1 Melee Damage 1% Life Steal
(3)+2 Melee Damage 2% Life Steal
(4)+3 Melee Damage 3% Life Steal
(5)+4 Melee Damage 4% Life Steal
(6)+5 Melee Damage 5% Life Steal


Medical (2)+1 HP Regeneration
(3)+2 HP Regeneration
(4)+3 HP Regeneration
(5)+4 HP Regeneration
(6)+5 HP Regeneration