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Loot Crates

Loot Crates, or Item Boxes, are consumables that drop during waves from slain enemies and trees. They always contain an item that can be added to your character, or Recycled for 25% of its current price.

There are two types of Crates in Brotato.

Image Name Info
Crate.png Crate Has a chance to drop from slain enemies, and has a 20% to drop after a Tree is destroyed.

Heals 3 HP when picked up.

Legendary Crate.png Legendary Crate Drops exclusively from Elites that spawn in Danger 2 and above & Bosses that spawn on wave 20. Doesn't drop from Elites and Bosses killed on later waves in Endless Mode.

Always contains a Tier 4 Item.

Heals 100HP.

Drop Rate

Whenever an enemy drops a consumable, that consumable has a chance to be a loot crate. This chance depends on the enemy killed. See enemies for percentages.

For example, the Baby Alien Simple Boi.png has a 1% chance to drop a consumable when killed, and a 1% chance for that consumable to be a Loot Crate. Thus, the chance of receiving a Loot Crate from a Baby Alien is:

 1% * 1% = 1/10000

i.e. one loot crate drops on average for every 10000 Baby Aliens killed.

Each time a Loot Crate drops, the chance of further Crates dropping reduces. After one crate, the chance is halved; after two, the chance is a third of the base; and so on, as seen in the formula below:

Crate Drop Chance = Base Drop Chance * (100 + Luck)% / (1 + Crates Dropped This Wave)


The Luck.png Luck Stat uniquely affects the chance of Loot Crate drops. As seen from the formula above, 100 Luck doubles the chance to receive a Loot Crate, and so on. However, it also increases the drop chance of consumables. Thus, for a Baby Alien Simple Boi.png, with 100 Luck the chance for a Loot Crate drop would change to:

 2% * 2% = 1/2500

Note that an enemy can only drop one consumable, and thus the effect of Luck on Loot Crate drops affects Trees differently, since they always drop a consumable. Thus, while 100 Luck quadruples the chance to receive a Loot Crate from most enemies, it only doubles the chance to receive one from a Tree. Similarly, Looters Looter.png, Elites, and Bosses don't have their drop chances affected by Luck, since they are guaranteed to drop a Loot Crate. This chance is also unaffected by the diminishing Loot Crate chance, but it does count towards the amount of crates dropped in a wave. This means that it can be benefitical to kill enemies with guaranteed Loot Crate drops later in the wave, since you reduce the drop rate of all other enemies once the guaranteed Loot Crate drops.

These odds all change in Endless Mode, and you no longer have guaranteed Loot Crate drops. You can read about the changes on the page for Endless Mode.

Luck also affects the rarity of an item found within a Loot Crate. In this case, 100 Luck also doubles the chances for the item to be of Tier 2, Tier 3, or Tier 4. See Shop for more details and maximums on these chances.

Related Items


The following items relate to Trees. Trees have a 100% base chance to drop a consumable when killed, and that consumable has a 20% chance to be a loot crate.

Name Rarity Effects Base Price Limit Unlocked By
Tier 1 Trees die in one hit 15 1
Tier 1 More trees spawn 15


These items are related to the healing you get from Crates.

Name Rarity Effects Base Price Limit Unlocked By
Tier 1 +2 HP Regeneration
-1 HP recovered from consumables
+3 Max HP
Tier 1 +1 HP recovered from consumables 15
Tier 1 +2 HP recovered from consumables
-2% Dodge


Finally, the Bag gives the bearer some materials upon picking up a crate.

Name Rarity Effects Base Price Limit Unlocked By
Tier 1 +15 materials when you pick up a crate
-1% Speed
15 3