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Brotato supports mods on the Steam Workshop, since Patch


Steam Guides

There are 2 Steam guides to help with modding. They explain the basics of creating mods, and using them.

Icon Name Description
Community-Modding-Guide-Icon.png Modding Guide Guide to modding Brotato (for mod creators)
Community-Modding-Help-Icon.png Modding Help Help for players trying to use mods

Wiki Pages

Detailed info related to modding.

Name Description
Modding Notes Lots of extra info for modders, such as how to use custom text colors.
Modding Effects A reference list of all the custom effects in vanilla, and what they do.

Community Guides

Guides written by community members. They may not follow the same objective standards as the rest of the wiki.

Icon Name Description Author
Community-Balance-Guide-Icon.png Balance Guide Guide to balancing mods Darkly77


The best place to discuss mods is in the official Brotato discord.

Mods Archive

Mods that are manually installed can be viewed on the Mods Archive page. They are from before Patch, when Steam Workshop support was added. This means that both the information on the page, as well as the mods themselves, are all out of date and may be incorrect.

Workshop Mods

This section lists mods that are on the workshop, but which have detailed information about them on this wiki.

Please note: Mods are only listed here if they have a dedicated wiki page, and if the wiki page provides extra information that the mods's workshop page does not include, eg a list of items.

Icon Wiki Page Wiki Description Workshop Discord
Steam-Workshop-Icon-Assassin.png Assassin Lists characters, weapons, and items Workshop Discord
Steam-Workshop-Icon-Extatonion.png Extatonion Lists characters and weapons. Items list is here. Workshop Discord
Steam-Workshop-Icon-Invasion.png Invasion Includes roadmap, objectives, and more. Items list is here. Workshop Discord
Modding [T]
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