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1 HP
+700 +HP per wave
+350 Speed
1 Damage
1.5 +Damage per wave
10 Coins Dropped
Starting waves Elite Waves (round 11-18)

Minimum Danger

Dangers 2


Legendary Item
10 Coins Dropped


Elites are special enemies that only appear on certain waves. If any elites will spawn in a run the the player will be notified in the Shop. No elites will spawn in dangers 0, 1 or 2 but 1 wave can have an elite enemy on dangers 2 and 3 and a maximum of 3 waves can have a elite on it on dangers 4 and 5. If you kill an elite then it will drop a red Crate with a guaranteed drop of a legendary item in side of it.

Mutation 0

(Initial phase)

Spawns 15 Slasher Eggs.

Mutation 1

(After 10s or Mutation 0 or 2)

Shoots 5 projectiles each second to the player

Mutation 2

(After Mutation 1 first on at 30s)

Last 10 seconds, runs aways from the player, spawning Tentacles Returns to Mutation 1