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How do I download mods?

Go to the Mod List section on the main Modding page. Click on a mod's name to view its page. Downloads are always in the "Downloads" section of each mod page.

How do I install mods?

See Mod Installation on the main Modding page.

Will there be Steam Workshop support?

The developer plans to add modding support, so eventually you might be able to.

Will mods ever be on Nexus or Thunderstore?

No, because Steam Workshop is likely. So they will stay on the wiki until Steam Workshop support is added.

Can I use multiple mods at once?

No, every mod is standalone and cannot be used together with other mods.


There is a small group of modders who are working on making playing with multiple mods possible. They are building a general loader for games built in the Godot engine (like Brotato is). It is called ModLoader.

At the time of writing, ModLoader is undergoing heavy and rapid development, so it's not fit for general public use yet.

When ModLoader is ready, it will be announced in the Space Potatoes Discord in the #modding channel, and this text will be updated.

Can I use outdated mods?

Yes, but they are locked to the patch version they were released on.

This is because mods are downloaded as PCK files, which replace Brotato.pck. These PCK files contain all the game's code and assets. The EXE is just the game engine that runs the code in the PCK.

This means that when you replace the PCK, you're replacing everything.

What are the best mods?

There's no right answer to this as every mod is unique, and represents the ideas of a different mod developer.

If you want to cheat, a lot of people like Rainbow Chest.

There are also loads of mods that add new content, and often add special custom effects. See Content Mods on the main Modding page for the full list.

TIP: You can click the "Last Update" column to sort the table and see what's new (click it twice to show most recent). You can also sort by the "Game Version" to see which mods use the current vanilla patch.

Is downloading mods safe?

The wiki's mod page downloads are relatively safe, because they can only be edited by modders and wiki admins, which means that random people can't just upload a virus.

The mods on the wiki are also usually made by long-standing members of the community.

However, as with downloading any software from the internet, you should still be careful.

How do I make my own mods?

You'll need to know/learn Godot. You can start with Jonus' video here, and view the Modding Notes page for a lot more info.

For something less technical, there's also a mod on the wiki called HerbLoader, which lets you create custom characters with JSON and PNG files.

Where is the Rainbow Chest / Crate mod / SIFD's Mod?

It's here: SIFD's Mod - Rainbow Chest

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