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Community Content

This page's content, and the pages it links to, are produced and maintained by the general community. They may not follow the same standards as the rest of the wiki, and may contain ideas and opinions that may not be considered objectively useful to every player or modder.

This is a parent page for guides and information written by the community, which may not necessarily follow the more objective-based approach of the rest of the wiki.

It essentially allows the wiki to be a home to guides that would otherwise need to be Steam guides, and allows creators to augment their content with the wiki's special features, such as linked pages and icon boxes.



Icon Name Description Author
Space Gladiators-info.png ArosRising's Guide to Endless Mode A Guide on the Wiki for how to build your Characters to survive Endless Mode. ArosRising
Space Gladiators-info.png ArosRising's Brotato Character Guide A Word Document with guides on how to play and build every character in Brotato. ArosRising
Space Gladiators-info.png ArosRising's Brotato Wave & Enemy Guide A Word Document that covers how enemies work and what enemies during each wave along with their precise stats. ArosRising
Space Gladiators-info.png Challenges A large list of fun builds and challenges to try in Brotato if you something to spice up the game. ArosRising & MastaBambou
Space Gladiators-info.png Beginners/Achievement Guide A beginner friendly guide to just about everything Brotato. SquashMyMouse


See the Modding Page for a list of mods for Brotato and how to install them.

Icon Name Description Author
Community-Balance-Guide-Icon.png Modding Balance Guide Guide to balancing mods Darkly77



Icon Name Description Author
Space Gladiators-info.png Item Suggestions Huge list of item suggestions from lots of authors Multiple
Space Gladiators-info.png Space Gladiators Items Wishlist for porting Space Gladiators items to Brotato Pétra

Data & Calculators

Icon Name Description Author Game Version
Attack Speed.png Attack Speed Shows how Attack Speed is affected by Range Darkly77
Harvesting.png Harvesting Calculator for the Harvesting Stat ArosRising

Web Apps

Tools and toys created by the community to help you work with data, or create new things.

Icon Name Description Author
Attack Speed Upgrade.png Modding Attack Speed Calculator Modding tool to calculate cooldown text Darkly77
Acid.png Item Creator Generate a custom item image, for #item-suggestions on Discord Darkly77
Potato.png Dressup Design your perfect Potato Darkly77