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XP Gain

"XP Gain" is a hidden Item Tag for certain Items in the Shop. It's applied to items related to gaining Experience (to level up faster and acquire more Upgrades).

The character(s) Mutant.png Mutant have a higher chance to find these items in the Shop.

Items tagged with "XP Gain"

Name Rarity Effects Base Price Limit Unlocked By
Tier 3 +40% XP Gain
-2% Life Steal
Tier 2 +25% XP Gain
+3 Melee Damage
-8 Luck
Tier 4 +10 Engineering
+10% XP Gain
-3 Max HP
Tier 3 +25% XP Gain
+100% XP Gain during the next wave
+50% Enemy damage during the next wave
Tier 1 +20% XP Gain
-8 Range