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XP Gain

"XP Gain" is a hidden Item Tag for certain Items in the Shop. It's applied to items related to gaining Experience (to level up faster and acquire more Upgrades).

The character(s) Apprentice.png Apprentice, Mutant.png Mutant have a higher chance to find these items in the Shop.

Items tagged with "XP Gain"

Name Rarity Effects Base Price Limit Unlocked By
Tier 3 +40% XP Gain
-2% Life Steal
Tier 2 +25% XP Gain
+3 Melee Damage
-8 Luck
Tier 4 +10 Engineering
+20% XP Gain
-3 Max HP
Tier 3 +25% XP Gain
+100% XP Gain during the next wave
+50% Enemy damage during the next wave
Tier 1 +20% XP Gain
-8 Range