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Brotato updates may be released in the beta branch before their full release. Details for beta updates are here. They are shown with the most recent first.

The current beta version is

The current main version is


  • Landmines.png Landmines: Fixed a bug where explosion area wasn't being increased
  • Giant Belt.png Giant Belt: Actually fixed tracking
  • Improved Tools.png Improved Tools now modify the displayed spawn cooldown of mines and gardens
  • Bloody Hand.png Bloody Hand: unique


Character Changes

Item Changes

  • Giant Belt.png Giant Belt: Efficiency slightly decreases with endless waves
  • Mushroom.png Mushroom: +2 HP Regeneration => +3, -3 Luck => -2
  • Plant.png Plant: +2 HP Regeneration => +3

Misc Changes

  • Endless starts scaling faster after wave 35
  • Tentacle enemy: drops more materials


  • Fixed Tentacle, Giant Belt and Vigilante Ring's tracking values
  • Fixed a bug where turning off the HP bar option while in game would crash the game


Character Changes

  • Lich.png Lich:
  • Cyborg.png Cyborg:
    • Stat conversions no longer take stat modifications into account (Tweak)
    • 1 Ranged Damage for 8 Engineering => 1 for 2 (Tweak)
    • +300% Ranged Damage modifications => +250% (Nerf)
    • Can now start with Crossbow.png Crossbow
  • Jack.png Jack:
    • Only elites appear (and not hordes) (Buff)
  • Arms Dealer.png Arms Dealer:
    • +25% Damage modifications => +33% (Buff)
  • Wildling.png Wildling:
    • +25% Life Steal with Primitive weapons => +30%
    • Max weapon tier => II (reverts the tweak from v0.8.0.0)
    • +25% Weapon Price => +0% (reverts the tweak from v0.8.0.0)
  • Pacifist.png Pacifist:
    • Can now start with Pruner (Tweak)

Item Changes

  • Anvil.png Anvil => Unique (Tweak)
  • Landmines.png Landmines: Explosion size increased (Buff)
  • Adrenaline.png Adrenaline: +5% Dodge (Buff)
  • Bloody Hand.png Bloody Hand: +3% Damage per 1% Life Steal => +2% Damage per 1% Life Steal (Nerf)
  • Improved Tools.png Improved Tools: +10% Attack Speed; (Buff)
  • Improved Tools.png Improved Tools: 100% Attack Speed scaling => 50%; (Nerf)
  • Improved Tools.png Improved Tools: Now also affects landmines (Buff)
  • Extra Stomach.png Extra Stomach: Max 10 per wave (Nerf)
  • Riposte.png Riposte: +2 Melee Damage (Buff)
  • Spicy Sauce.png Spicy Sauce: +3 Max HP; (Buff)
  • Spicy Sauce.png Spicy Sauce: Explosion size increased (Buff)
  • Tentacle.png Tentacle: +3% Crit Chance; (Buff)
  • Tentacle.png Tentacle: 10% chance => 20%; Limited (10) => Limited (5) (Buff)

Weapon Changes

  • Obliterator.png Obliterator: Slightly slower projectile (Buff)
  • Pruner.png Pruner: Tool, Precise => Support (Tweak)
  • Pruner.png Pruner: Base damage increased (Buff)
  • Pruner.png Pruner: Fruit cooldown: 15/14/13/12 => 15/14/12/10 (Nerf)
  • Screwdriver.png Screwdriver: Tool, Precise => Tool (Tweak)
  • Screwdriver.png Screwdriver: +3 Knockback (Buff)
  • Ghost Scepter.png Ghost Scepter: Base damage increased (Buff)
  • Ghost Scepter.png Ghost Scepter: Cooldown decreased (Buff)


  • Endless:
    • Fixed a bug where additional elites would not appear in endless runs in Danger 0 to 4
    • Endless runs that go further than wave 20 are now counted as won runs
    • Increased the minimum chance of dropping materials for enemies in endless mode from 10% to 25%
    • Bosses, elites and loot aliens are no longer guaranteed to drop crates in endless mode
    • Enemies have less chance of dropping consumables in endless mode
    • Endless mode now stays toggled/untoggled instead of resetting to untoggled every time
  • Fixed a bug where loot aliens sometimes didn't drop materials
  • Tweaked the Monk elite's attacks
  • Increased the minimum distance from the edges of the map where structures can spawn
  • Fixed a bug where Landmines.png Landmines, Spicy Sauce.png Spicy Sauce and Rip and Tear.png Rip and Tear were not tagged as Explosive
  • Consumables attracted at the end of a wave now give stat bonuses even with Torture.png Torture
  • The wave timer now turns blue when in the second half for Cyborg
  • Added "% Damage against bosses" in the secondary stats container
  • Fixed a bug where having the font size at 125% would keep you from selecting a difficulty
  • A scrollbar is now displayed when a description is cut off
  • Changed color of Peacock.png Peacock's last effect to red
  • Fixed a bug where Turrets were being affected by Range
  • Mod descriptions now support BBCode and are affected by the "font size" option
  • Fixed a bug where damage dealt would increase when having less than -100% Damage and negative flat damage
  • Fixed a bug where structures would sometimes not spawn
  • Fixed a bug where the "Advanced Technology" challenge could be completed without having 3 structures
  • Fixed a bug where Entrepreneur.png Entrepreneur's passive was not working after wave 20


Released 9th February, 2023 - Discord notes here


  • Added 4 new characters (+4 challenges/achievements)
  • Added 13 new items
  • Added 3 new weapons
  • Added endless mode
  • Added support for Steam Workshop (documentation & details are WIP, see "Modding Notes" below)


Character Changes

  • Wildling.png Wildling:
    • -3 Melee/Ranged Damage => -0 (Buff)
    • Weapon tier capped at II => none (Buff)
    • +25% Weapons Price (Nerf)
  • Farmer.png Farmer:
    • 5% Harvesting growth => 3% (Nerf)
    • 1 Harvesting when eating a consumable while at full health (Buff)
  • Mage.png Mage:
    • -100 Melee/Ranged Damage/Engineering => -0; and
    • -100% Melee/Ranged Damage/Engineering modifications instead (Buff)
    • Editor note: This means that Mage can now take non-elemental weapons without them suffering a major damage penalty (eg. SMG/Shotgun).
  • Demon.png Demon Can now start with Chopper (Tweak)

Weapon Changes

  • Laser Gun.png Laser Gun: Base damage increased (Buff)
  • Thief Dagger.png Thief Dagger: Damage increased (Buff)
  • Thief Dagger.png Thief Dagger: Chance for material on crit increased (Buff)
  • Slingshot.png Slingshot: Reduced scaling from getting upgraded (Nerf)
  • Plank.png Plank: Damage scaling starts at 50% instead of 25% Melee/Elemental/Engineering (Buff)
  • Plank.png Plank: Cooldown reduced (Buff)
  • Hammer.png Hammer: 100% Melee Damage scaling => 150%/175%/200% (tier II/III/IV) (Buff)
  • Plasma Sledgehammer.png Plasma Sledgehammer: 100% Melee/Elemental Damage scaling => 150%/200% (tier III/IV) (Buff)
  • Thunder Sword.png Thunder Sword: 100% Melee/Elemental Damage scaling => 125%/150% (tier III/IV) (Buff)

Item Changes

Misc Changes

  • Fruits now get attracted at the end of a wave
  • Added a button in the Gameplay options to reset them to their default values
  • Bosses now drop legendary crates (Buff)
  • Flying enemies no longer spawn projectiles when hit by melee weapons (Buff)
    • Editor note: This is a huge buff to the survivability of melee builds
  • Monk elite attacks tweaked
  • Tweaked how damage from luck stacks (Lucky.png Lucky, Baby Elephant.png Baby Elephant, Cyberball.png Cyberball etc.)
    • Editor Note: explanation from Blobfish (via Discord):
    • Implementation has been tweaked a bit which makes them weaker:
    • Instead of stacking all damage when having multiple, each item's damage is tied to it's proc'ing probability
    • so when you have 3 baby elephants dealing 1 damage each, it used to always deal 3 damage when procing, but now it can deal 1, 2 or 3 damage)
    • Editor note: So they now behave more like Hunting Trophy.
  • Reworded "Chance for double materials" into "Double Material Chance"


  • Fixed a bug where enemy projectiles were not affected by the difficulties' damage increase (boss projectiles' base damage is decreased to compensate).
  • Fixed a bug where weapon set effects were not properly deserialized when resuming a run after exiting the game.
  • Fixed Alien Baby.png Alien Baby being improperly tagged.
  • Fixed a bug where Wisdom.png Wisdom would make the % Damage stat go up when hovering it in the level up screen.
  • Fixed a bug where the "Recycling" challenge's value wasn't being reset between runs.
  • Fixed a bug where enemy projectiles weren't being affected by the "Enemy Damage" accessibility option.
  • Fixed a bug where Anvil.png Anvil could upgrade Wildling's weapons past tier II.
    • Editor note: This has no effect on vanilla as Wildling can now use weapons above Tier II. But this bugfix may still be beneficial to mods
  • Fixed a bug where some effects were not applied correctly when going back to the weapon selection screen from the difficulty selection screen.
  • Fixed a bug where projectile spread was not getting properly deserialized from save files.
  • Fixed a bug where the ticks for the last 5 seconds of a wave were slightly desynchronized.

Modding Notes

  • An intro guide to modding & documentation will get linked on the Steam Workshop once it's done. Checkout the #modding-dev channel on the Discord server to stay updated about advancements.
    • Editor note: This guide is now available on Steam here
  • If you create a mod now you should still expect to have to update it when the base game gets updated, since a lot of changes/refactoring will likely be made to facilitate modding.
  • Modding Brotato currently requires coding skills, but we're looking into making it more accessible.
  • Thanks to all modders who have worked on creating tools or mods for the game! Special thanks to Darkly, Ste, Kana and otDan who have worked on ModLoader, the code used to support multiple mods in Brotato.

Spoiler Warning

WARNING: Everything below here is a spoiler for unlockable content.


Icon Name Requirements Unlock Unlock Type
Cake.png Hungry Pick up 20 consumables during a run Glutton.png Glutton Character
Exoskeleton.png Advanced Technology Reach 10 Ranged Damage and get 3 structures at the same time Cyborg.png Cyborg Character
Mammoth.png Giant Slayer Kill a boss or an elite in less than 15 seconds Jack.png Jack Character
Little Muscley Dude.png Robust Reach +100 Max HP Lich.png Lich Character
Cyborg.png Cyborg Win a run with Cyborg Improved Tools.png Improved Tools Item
Glutton.png Glutton Win a run with Glutton Spicy Sauce.png Spicy Sauce Item
Jack.png Jack Win a run with Jack Giant Belt.png Giant Belt Item
Lich.png Lich Win a run with Lich Tentacle.png Tentacle Item


4 new characters: Cyborg, Glutton, Jack, Lich.


  • You start with 1 Minigun
  • Ranged Damage modifications are increased by 300%
  • 100% of your Ranged Damage are temporarily converted into Engineering halfway through a wave (1 Ranged Damage = 8 Engineering)
  • Engineering modifications are reduced by 75%
  • Melee modifications are reduced by 100%
  • Elemental modifications are reduced by 100%


  • +50 Luck
  • +1 % Explosion Damage when picking up a consumable while at maximum health
  • Consumable have a 100% chance to explode for 10 (500% Melee Damage.png) damage when picked up
  • +25 % Items Price
  • -25 % XP Gain


  • +50% damage against bosses and elites
  • +200% materials dropped from enemies
  • -75% Enemies
  • +250 % Enemy health
  • +50 % Enemy damage


  • +10 HP Regeneration
  • +10 % Life Steal
  • 100% chance to deal 10 (Max HP.png) damage to a random enemy when you heal
  • Damage modifications are reduced by 50%


A new enemy is introduced, via the Bait.png Bait item: Enemy 26.png


13 new items (0, 5, 4, 4): Bait, Garden, Riposte, Spicy Sauce, Tentacle, Adrenaline, Improved Tools, Peacock, Silver Bullet, Bloody Hand, Extra Stomach, Giant Belt.


Max HP.png HP Regeneration.png Life Steal.png Damage.png Melee Damage.png Ranged Damage.png Elemental Damage.png Attack Speed.png Crit Chance.png Engineering Stat.png Range Stat.png Armor.png Dodge Stat.png Speed Stat.png Luck.png Harvesting.png

📦 👁️ Materials.png 🏷️


  • +8 % Damage
  • Special enemies appear at the beginning of the next wave


  • Spawns a garden that creates a fruit every 15 seconds


  • +50% chance to deal 1 (300%Melee Damage.png) damage to an enemy when dodging their attack

Spicy Sauce.png

Spicy Sauce
Limited (4)
  • Consumables have a 25% chance to explode for 5 (50%Max HP.png) damage when picked up


Limited (10)
  • +10% chance to heal 1 HP when killing an enemy with a critical hit


  • +50% chance to heal 5 HP when dodging an attack

Improved Tools.png

Improved Tools
  • Reduces the attack cooldown of your structures by 0% (Attack Speed.png)


  • +25 % XP Gain
  • +100 % XP Gain during the next wave
  • +50 % Enemy damage during the next wave

Silver Bullet.png

Silver Bullet
  • +25% damage against bosses and elites

Bloody Hand.png

Bloody Hand
  • +12 % Life Steal
  • +3 % Damage for every 1 % Life Steal you have
  • You take 1 damage per second (does not give invulnerability time)

Extra Stomach.png

Extra Stomach
  • +1 Max HP when picking up a consumable while at maximum health

Giant Belt.png

Giant Belt
  • Critical hits deal 10% of an enemy’s current health as bonus damage (1% for bosses and elites)

Lucky Coin.png

Lucky Coin
  • +2 Luck for every 1 % Crit Chance you have
  • -2 Armor


3 new weapons: Jousting Lance, Pruner, Revolver.

Jousting Lance.png

Jousting Lance
  • Damage: 25 (50%Melee Damage.png 30%Speed Stat.png)
  • Critical: x2 (3% chance)
  • Cooldown: 1.58s
  • Range: 250 (Melee)
  • +2 % Speed
  • -10 % Damage while standing still


Tool, Precise
  • Damage: 8 (50%Melee Damage.png)
  • Critical: x1.25 (3% chance)
  • Cooldown: 1.14s
  • Knockback: 2
  • Range: 150 (Melee)
  • Spawns a garden that creates a fruit every 15 seconds


  • Damage: 15 (Ranged Damage.png)
  • Critical: x2 (3% chance)
  • Cooldown: 0.43s
  • Knockback: 15
  • Range: 450 (Ranged)
  • Cooldown is 3.47s every 6 shots


  • Fixed a bug where having multiple Grind's Magical Leaf.png Grind's Magical Leaf would display too many stats earned
  • Added "permanent" in the descriptions of Esty's Couch and Power Generator to show that they don't scale with temporary % Speed (eg from Streamer.png Streamer's passive)



  • Fixed Bag.png Bag and Eyes Surgery.png Eyes Surgery being Unique
  • Pressing the left or right trigger buttons on a gamepad now switch between the primary and secondary stats tabs
  • Recycling challenge: recycle 20 weapons in one run => 12


  • Streamer.png Streamer: -1% Speed every 20 Materials => every 30, +60% Damage while moving => +40% Damage and Attack Speed while moving
  • Bag.png Bag: price reduced, +10 Materials => +15
  • Fixed a bug where some secondary stats would appear in green instead of red
  • Fixed a bug where Piggy Bank.png Piggy Bank would display materials lost by Entrepreneur.png Entrepreneur's passive
  • Fixed a bug where the secondary stats wouldn't display Artificer.png Artificer's explosion size bonus from elemental damage
  • Fixed a bug where the reroll button's text would stay red even when having enough materials after recycling a weapon


  • Streamer.png Streamer: the amount of materials earned per second is now capped at 25
  • Fixed a bug where having negative flat damage and negative % damage would sometimes increase damage instead of lowering it
  • Fixed a bug where Dangerous Bunny free rerolls would get cancelled by buying out the shop


  • Fixed a bug where Entrepreneur wouldn't lose materials at the start of waves
  • Items are back to being displayed chronologically


Note: The wiki has been updated to list the Secondary Stats on the Stats page

  • Patch notes: Discord
  • Released: 12/07/2022 11:00 AM


  • Added 2 new Characters (with 2 new challenges / achievements):
  • Added 6 new Items:
  • Weapons now show how much damage they've dealt during the last wave
  • Secondary stats are now displayed in a new tab in the stats container (explosion damage etc.)
  • Some items and weapons now keep track of and display more info (damage dealt, materials earned, stats gained etc.)
  • The character and items modifying gameplay elements now appear first in the inventory
  • Reworded "unique weapon" to "different weapon"
  • Having multiple copies of the same weapon is now counted as a different weapon. E.g. having two Knives and one Sword with Gladiator.png Gladiator now gives you 2x the Attack Speed bonus instead of 1x.
  • The real value of Crit Chance is now displayed on weapons instead of stopping at 100%
  • The current level of the character is now displayed in the stats container
  • Added an option called "Optimize end waves" which might help if you're experiencing crashes at the end of waves
  • Enemies:
    • Horde waves drop 15% more materials
    • Eggs deal less contact damage, have less health and take 1 more second to hatch
    • Chef Boss: last phase attacks cooldown increased
    • Wave 12 or lower Elite HP: -15% => -25%
    • Monk Boss: slightly lowered HP
  • Characters:
  • Weapons:
    • Blunt weapon set: -3% Speed per additional weapon => -2%
    • Chopper.png Chopper: 80% Melee Damage scaling => 50%, +20% Max HP scaling
    • Flamethrower.png Flamethrower: direct Elemental Damage scaling 10% => 1%
    • Potato Thrower.png Potato Thrower: +20% Max HP scaling
    • Torch.png Torch: direct Elemental Damage scaling 0% => 50%
  • Items:
    • Alien Worm.png Alien Worm: +1 HP Regeneration => +2, +2 Max HP => +3
    • Bag.png Bag: price slightly increased, +20 materials => +10, Unique => Limited (3)
    • Barricade.png Barricade: +6 Armor while standing still => +8, -8% Speed => -5%
    • Chameleon.png Chameleon: -6% Damage => -4%
    • Dangerous Bunny.png Dangerous Bunny: price decreased
    • Explosive Shells.png Explosive Shells is no longer unique
    • Eyes Surgery.png Eyes Surgery: +15% burning speed => +10%, -12 Range => -10, Unique => Limited (3)
    • Focus.png Focus: -3% Attack Speed for every weapon you have => for every different weapon
    • Incendiary Turret.png Incendiary Turret: 5x5 (25% Engineering) damage => 5x8 (33% Engineering) damage
    • Medikit.png Medikit: +8 HP Regeneration => +10, -15 Luck => -10
    • Padding.png Padding: +3 Max HP, +1 Max HP every 80 Materials => every 100
    • Poisonous Tonic.png Poisonous Tonic: +8% Crit Chance => +5%
    • Power Generator.png Power Generator: price increased
    • Retromation's Hoodie.png Retromation's Hoodie: +10% Dodge => +0, -50 Range => -80
    • Rip and Tear.png Rip and Tear: 10% activation chance => 25%, Limited (10) => Limited (4)
    • Small Magazine.png Small Magazine: -10% Damage => -6%
    • Spider.png Spider: +5% Attack Speed per unique weapon => +6% per different weapon
    • Torture.png Torture: +10 Max HP => +15, +3 HP / sec => +4


  • Fixed a bug where text that should be displayed in red was displayed in green (Esty's Couch etc.)
  • Fixed a bug where the player's health bar wouldn't be displayed above everything else
  • Fixed a bug where effects for unique weapons would get applied multiple times after quitting the game and resuming a run
  • Increased the size of the "+" sign in the font
  • Reduced the transparency of explosions
  • The "IJKL" keys can now also be used to move
  • Fixed a bug where having too much negative range would increase the range of melee weapons